Why Does Chocolate Make You Feel Better on Your Period


Why-Does-Chocolate-Make-You-Feel-Better-on-Your-PeriodPeriod, the naturally unavoidable time of a woman’s life brings a lot of benefits and sufferings even. Getting periods definitely means that your reproductory span of your life has been generated. But, on the other hand, in the process, you get to face a lot of unavoidable circumstances, though depending on a woman to woman. The most among the hurdles faced during or pre-period time are the period cramps. From the word itself, it gives you an unknown painful blockage feeling. Well, the concerned issue over here is the cramps and the magic of how chocolate make you feel better on your period.

If you are on diet or think that having chocolate will raise your calorie level, then girls, my suggestion to you will stop thinking in such a manner and start thinking for your comfort. You can not imagine how pleasurable the situation becomes when you consume those chocolate bars in those days of your month. Well, in here, I have highlighted the points that will give you the answer to the question – Why Does Chocolate Make You Feel Better on Your Period. So, here we go exploring and explaining the reasons behind such a miracle.

Is Chocolate Good For Your Period?

After going through such words you must be wondering Does Chocolate Help With Periods, Do Chocolate Help Period Cramps and lots more like that. Every time you will seek answers for the near about same question you definitely will get to hear a loud and clear YES. The reasons are parted in two ways. The first giving you the answer on What Makes You for Craving Chocolate. The second being How it Effects on Menstrual Cramps. Let us seek for the first answer.

The craving for having chocolate is actually on the rise when you are passing through a pre-menstrual cycle. The reason is very interesting. During those waiting days of your month, hormonal secretion increases as you approach the date more and more. On the process insulin in your body increases. This results in low blood sugar level in your body. You will then find yourself feeling empty and will start craving for some fuel. This then boosts up the necessity to intake chocolate. And, so you have it.

The answer on whether chocolate actually leaves a mark on period cramps can be found herein. We all know that chocolate contains a small amount of caffeine. In addition, chocolate also has a large amount of an alkaloid named theobromine. The alkaloid works wonder as it is basically a mild stimulant of our central nervous system. So, when you intake a cube of chocolate theobromine acts as the natural painkiller and prevents you from the discomfort occurred due to cramps.

So, having chocolate during your periods is actually good. But, as mentioned before, in order to prevent gaining some extra calorie you must avoid chocolates with large sugar content and milk. As these are the main reasons why obstetricians prescribe you to stay away from chocolates. Instead, you can opt for dark chocolates. The rich cocoa content will help you to release out the pain you face due to cramping’s.

Relationship Between Having Chocolate and PMS

There is a close relationship between having chocolate and PMS. What is PMS? The full form of the abbreviation goes as Premenstrual Syndrome. During that period most of you feel mood swings, insomnia, and other discomforts. During that time if cramping’s occur, it in a way heightens the degree of irritation and discomfort. So, to release that you prefer to have a bite or two of the chocolate bar and keep the practice of having dark chocolates to prevent yourself from the uneasiness of PMS.

So, here are the reasons why chocolate make you feel better on your period. Feel free to get a bite or two of your favorite type. In a way, it simply helps you to moderate the pain that you go through on those unavoidable days of your month.


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