Choosing the Right Eyeshadow an Easy Way


All the girls are utterly obsessed with that perfect makeup look of their favourite celebrities whom they follow on Instagram. Be it their matte lipstick, or their perfect smoky eyes. Ever wondered sitting on the couch watching that advertisement of Lakmé, how do they look so pretty? Or how do the models manage to carry their eyeshadows so well? Surely, you would have done it.

All of us have various beauty dreams when it comes to colouring our eyes.

If you are the one who is struggling with honing your eyeshadow applying skills, take a look at some of these suggestions.

Compliment with skin

The most common mistake that most women commit is that they don’t put eyeshadows according to their skin undertones or colour. For general information, Undertones are the hues your skin exhibit while seen by someone or while you see yourself in a mirror.

For say, some people have a white undertone, others have pink and few others yellow.

People with warm undertones, that is, a yellow hue are strongly recommended to apply warm colours like golden, copper, bronze, pastel shades, oranges and reds. Warm colours with warm tones look best.

Similarly, women with cool undertones, that is, blue or pink hue to their skin colour, should use purples, pinks, silvery shimmers and deep wine colours. This will make them look aesthetic.

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And the last undertone is neutral, that is, people with such tones fall in an in-between the category of warm and cool. They are fortunate enough to use any eyeshadow colour that they want since their skin is not inclined to any particular colour.

The other criteria to decide can be the skin colour. Although, women need to feel confident in whatever they wear, yet it’s not wrong to wear colours that suit you most.

Women with dark-complexioned skins are strongly recommended to avoid very bright colours that may merge with their skin like deep red, black, deep green, crimson etc. Pastel shades can work best or they can also use nudes.

Women with wheatish complexion can wear bright colours but only moderately bright ones.

While the fair-skinned ones should use glittery eyeshadows with shimmers. Nudes can be avoided as they will mix with their skin. However, dark nudes like deep pink, magenta, red etc. can enhance their eyes.

The Lipstick rule

Remember Aishwarya Rai with that remarkable purple lipstick she wore on Cannes Red Carpet? It literally shook the fashion and beauty industry. In fact, your lipstick can be a good guide to choose eyeshadow colour as well.

Remember the golden rule that your lipstick and eyeshadows should never match. If you are wearing red lipstick, then your eyeshadow can be anything but red. You can rather use greens, goldens, silvers etc. However, don’t use pink with red since it will look cliché.

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If your eyeshadow is nude or matte then your lips should be bold. And if your lips are bold then your eyeshadow should be nude and light.

Smoky eyeshadows work best with nude lips since your eyes will be highlighted that way. Kareena Kapoor Khan has been recently experimenting with nude eyeshadows and nude lips. Well, she looked ravishing. Do try it!

However, it’s just a matter of personal choice. Even if you choose two odds, make sure you nail your look!

Make it go with outfit and Occasion

And here comes the most important yardstick, which will help you choose the best eyeshadow. Don’t go for the same colour with jeans as was with a bridal lehenga or salwar suit.

Brides who wear heavy ethnic outfits can choose the brightest colours, with the brightest lipsticks. They can even go for shimmer palette eyeshadow with a deep red, or mauve lehenga( bridal dress). Ethnic dresses can also be worn with metallic shades like tin, copper, zinc, golden etc.

But if you are wearing Western, then go for a lighter eyeshadow. A neon coloured eyeshadow or rainbow colour one will look perfect with a sensuous see-through dress. Any contemporary outfit of the modern trends will look the best with colours like Mauve and terracotta orange-red. So the next time if you wear a crop top and denims, pick up a beige coloured shadow with brown lipstick.

Wearing a breezy maxi on the seashores?

When on a beach in a maxi dress or beach bikini, don’t put heavy colour but use light orange, pink or nudes.

Having a Birthday party? Or a late-night party in a club? While going out with your friends in a  night party, the ultimate one is a nude eyeshadow or smoky black and grey eyes with dark red lipstick. That will highlight your eyes in the lights of the disco!

You can even learn the art of mixing different colours and making a new one out of it.

Altogether, the best way to pitch your look right is to make your outfit and eyeshadow your best friends. See the difference then!

Eye Colour

It may sound a little absurd, but beauty experts suggest that your eye colour can also be a good way to choose the right eyeshadow. In fact, when going in the market to buy any colour palette, do give a look in the mirror to watch which eye colour you have.

People who have brown eyes should wear green, charcoal and silver shades.

Women with blue eyes like our favourite Aishwarya Rai has should apply orange, gold and bronze since these are opposites to each other in colour wheel.

And lastly, women with green eyes which is usually rare can apply red. Haven’t you seen those 90s Hollywood actresses with those lovely hazelnut – green eyes?

They looked charming when they wore red.

Again, the reason for such choice being that they are opposites to each other in the colour wheel.

There can be so many ways to get that perfect eye you want to. Just remember that anything you want to apply to your eyes should first hold your confidence. Often women may look perfect and wear best combinations, but still lack boldness in outlook. So just companionate your confidence with your eyeshadow. All the best for good “makeup”!


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