The Encyclopedia Of Permanent Makeup


What do you mean by beauty? When this question is asked, most of the people tend to imagine and portray a picture of young Women. This is a very common and natural thought process.

This is something that every woman desires, being beautiful! But, there are several factors in today’s sedentary lifestyle that are the root cause of various skin problems faced by the women.

These include premature aging, wrinkles, dark circles, pigmentation, and much more. In order to protect themselves from these traps, women look for ways that can help them out.

Permanent Makeup is the new and trending way that is adopted by the women around the world to look smart, bold, and beautiful.

With the techniques of micro-pigmentation, cosmetic tattooing, Semi-permanent makeup, you can regain the glow and freshness on your face and say bye-bye to aging!

Permanent Makeup

The need for Permanent Makeup

The first thing you do in the morning when you wake up is that you go straight in front of the mirror and most of the times the outcome makes us unhappy.

We all know that a makeup-free face or a smudged makeup face is not what we want to see in the mirror every morning.

Then the next thing you look for is reaching for your make up bag to re-apply, and once again get prepared for the day-to-day battles ahead. This can be tiresome and very time-consuming when combined with everyday life. Here is when the Permanent makeup comes in.

Imagine how good you would feel and what a nice start to the day you would have if when you were to get up and look in the mirror, looking back at you would be a perfectly made face.

With the development in technology and quality of products available, waking with a flawlessly made face is a reality for every woman.

Semi-Permanent Make-Up can provide the answer for all women. It involves filling up your eyebrows with cosmetic tattooing and microblading.

Waking up with a beautiful face that needs no-makeup is now no longer a dream, Permanent Makeup has made the dream come true for the women.

How semi-permanent makeup works?

The procedure is virtually pain-free, more of a slight discomfort, and will generally take about one hour to complete plus your consultation pre-procedure.

At this time your fully qualified technician will apply a topical numbing cream, which will get to work straight away while discussing your color choices, styles and any questions you may have regarding the particular procedure you have decided to undertake.

semi-permanent makeup

The procedure starts when you are satisfied with your final decisions. It involves tattooing the dermal layer of the skin with a pharmaceutical grade of pigment that is very expertly matched with your skin tone for the flawless outcomes.

After the completion of the process, the skin around the tattooed area will feel soft and there might also be a chance that the color may look slightly darker than what you chose.


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But, no need to worry, it will only last for a short time and after that, you’ll get what you desired. You can also consult your technician in case you require a healing process for the areas that were affected during the process, or to adjust any part of the area you might feel needed expanding, altering slightly etc.

How long does it last?

Each procedure will usually last for between 1-5 years depending on criteria such as age, skin type, color choice, and lifestyle.

Recommended is a color boost procedure every 12-18 months to really keep the look vibrant and fresh.

This additional procedure will only be charged at a fraction of your original cost as you are only adding smaller amounts of pigment and the original outline work has been done.

Different Areas of Permanent Makeup

Micro-pigmentation can be performed on the several areas of the face. You can have:

  • Permanent Eyeliner
  • Permanent Eyebrows
  • Permanent Lip Color

Different Areas of Permanent Makeup

Above mentioned are some of the common procedures offered under permanent makeup options. The entire procedure is done non-invasively and does not require an individual to be tied down for too many days after the procedure.

The advantages which can be gained from this fantastic and radical procedure will surely mean that semi permanent make up becomes every woman’s “must have” in their beauty regime for years to come.

It is increasing in popularity with the more exposure received from the media and celebrities alike. With the time-saving potential alone, this has got to be the most useful beauty trick in the modern world.

The Trend of Microblading

Microblading is used to give make-up like effects for a long term. Also known as Permanent Eyebrows make-up and cosmetic tattooing is becoming popular day by day.

Color implants through cosmetic tattooing have tremendous applications. Women, who have a clear idea of what they need, opt for permanent solutions to achieve the make-up effect they desire.

It is the best option for working women as well as those who want to save their time that they occupy every morning following their makeup regime.


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What if you are allergic to Cosmetics?

Microblading will be the best option for you if you are allergic to cosmetics. Tattoos are created with the help of a tattoo pen in this process. Pen & blades used to inject tattoo ink inside the skin are of highest quality and also strict sanitation & sterilization standards should be maintained during the tattooing procedure.


How to make it more effective?

If you are going to get the microblading process done around your eyebrows, results are going to appear more natural if you have hairs in that region. Usually, tattooing cosmetically is used to make them appear darker.

You should consult well about the shades before you make up your mind to get a lip-line tattoo. Designs and shades on paper may not appear as elegant on your lips. Tattooing cosmetically is not painful.

However, people having highly sensitive skin will be an exception to that rule. Do ask your cosmetician about the pigments used. You might be allergic to organic or inorganic pigments being used in the process of Cosmetic Tattooing.


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Taking proper Care is the Key

Whether the Permanent makeup is a quick process it still needs care before and after the procedure. For all kinds of semi-permanent makeup, whether Eyebrows, lips or eyeliner, it is quite essential to take proper care for long-term results.

For Eyebrows

You need to take care of the eyebrows and the surrounding area (eyes) because it is vital to take proper care. If you are used to plucking, tweezing or waxing your eyebrows, it is advised to refrain from indulging this for at least a week before and after the procedure.

Maintaining one’s natural brow shape while conducting this procedure is incredibly important and the technician will always advise you on keeping your natural brow line before this.


For Lips

If you are thinking of getting Permanent Lip Makeup then there are some things that you must take care of. With the age, lips tend to turn darker than usual.

There are several other factors that can cause the lips to get discolored.

There can be many reasons why people go in for permanent lipstick, but the result remains the same – beautiful looking lips. But, beauty needs care and if you have any kind of mouth allergy or problem then it is important to discuss it before the procedure.

Micro-pigmentation can cause swelling around the treated area and using a cold pack is the best way to handle the swelling.

Permanent makeup can really help you look a lot younger and also save your time form the daily makeup routine.

You just need to look after the Pre and Post Care methods prior to going for the procedure because it might help you understand the facts related to Micro-Pigmentation and Cosmetic Tattooing.

Just go for it- It serves many benefits

  • Time-Saving: Permanent makeup is not just about saving time, it’s a lot more than that. In today’s fast-paced world, every minute counts and with a permanent makeup on its quite possible to utilize your time wisely. Why not give it a chance?
  • Economical: Cosmetics cost a lot of money and often become unusable long before the product is finished. If your makeup looks don’t tend to vary from day to day, then it’s smarter to invest in permanent makeup and forgo the tens of products you waste money on daily. With permanent makeup, you won’t have to walk down those aisles for months, if not years.

All in all, the trend of Permanent makeup is taking new shape with the advancement in technology. With each passing day more and more people are getting aware of it and there are many happy people out there who have opted this way. They are not just satisfied but also have a trouble-free life. So, its time you should look forward to it and consult the best beauty institute that offers these services.


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