A Complete Explanation of Microblading Healing Process from Day 1 to 30


Sometimes a change becomes inevitable in your life. A life-changing decision is to go for a microblading procedure. It’s a permanent form of make-up that will last for about 12-24 months. The healing procedure thereafter will take its own sweet time to complete its course. Being impatient will not help and you will be tempted many times to peel off the scabbing or to ‘do the don’ts’. It takes a lot of sweat and waits to get those perfect eyebrows on your face. Listed below are the after effects of microblading on a day wise basis.

Microblading Healing Process

Day 1-2

Right after the procedure gets over, you will find the shade of your eyebrows to be darker by 50% and bolder by 10-15% along with some redness and slight swelling. The red background will make the eyebrows appear darker. This will subside in due course of time. New skin will slowly form over the procedure skin and exfoliation of the dead skin will take place simultaneously. After this phase is over, your eyebrows will feel and appear more normal.

Day 3-7

Day 3: This day marks the onset of exfoliation process which will result in itching. Apply an aftercare cream at regular intervals. Do not apply any soap, cosmetic, oil or lotion at all for the next seven days. Wipe off your eyebrows at regular intervals with alcohol to remove any excess oil or sweat.

Day 4: Avoid taking a head shower or head bath. Any moisture in the eyebrows will result in an expansion of the wound and will make the scabbing re-appear. This will damage the pigmentation process and may cause scars. At this stage, expect the skin to appear flaky which will result in the peeling process to start from the outside. Avoid the strong temptation to pick at those scabs.

Day 5: On this day, the eyebrows will appear lighter due to flaking. The flaking will clear off, and the pigmentation will settle down eventually.

Day 7: Colour will appear though in a lighter shade, and continue to remain so for the next few days. When the entire upper layer of skin is renewed, you can wash your face normally.


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Day 8-12

Day 8: Skin will start to peel off gently on its own by now. Do not scratch or pick at the eyebrows. Dryness and peeling is a natural phenomenon so there is no need to worry. Colour will still appear to be very light and not up to your expectation. This might often leave you feeling restless and making you call up and question the artist. In this entire procedure, patience is the key. Depending upon your body’s healing mechanism, the system will work towards healing the brows’ base first. Let the pigment settle down and allow the top layer to peel off.

Day 9: Regeneration of skin will leave your eyebrows looking lighter. You will feel that the procedure hasn’t gone well, leaving your eyebrows light, patchy, and uneven. That is not the case as a thin film of skin is formed above the microblading making it appear lighter. Do not get panicky, as it happens to everyone who undergoes this procedure. Despite proper regime follow-up, some people develop blotches and bald spots. This is the reason why you need the follow-up after a month.

Day 11-12: Your newly adorned eyebrows will go through an entire cycle of skin regeneration process. You will witness various shade and boldness throughout this period. The key ingredient in microblading healing process, other than the after effect cream application, is patience.


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Day 13-30

Day 13-22: After several days of ups and downs in shade and texture, slowly and steadily a more bold and firm color will start to appear naturally along with the strokes. It will appear completely natural and won’t look like a tattoo. Few more days and the complete healing process will get over, leaving the pores closed and with the pigment having settled down completely. It’s celebration time for you, as from then onwards the daily 20 minutes spent on the eyebrow make-up will be reduced to zero. You can continue to sleep for 20 minutes longer in the morning after this procedure. Every day in the morning and during the entire day, you will look at yourself in the mirror many times. Only to get used to the new you!

Day 23-29: By this time, the color of your eyebrows will come back and strokes will start to appear. The dead skin will wear off on its own. Sticking with the thumb rule is essential and that is to avoid attending parties and get-togethers or any social commitments that ask for too much make-up. You just cannot afford to ruin the entire effort of several days along with the money spent. The mantra is to just stick to wiping and the after effect cream application. Avoid workouts, long walks or any activity which makes you go sweaty. Consider this period as your hibernation stage when you can catch up on sleep, meditation, yoga, reading, listening to music or catching up on your all-time favorite movies or shows on Netflix!

After day 30, book your appointment for the follow-up session. If you see any unevenness or blotches, it is time to cover up the remaining uneven look with touch-up. After the follow-up session, the healing process is again going to be the same for the touch-ups. Get used to seeing natural eyebrows sans makeup. The experience that WOW factor, after the entire course is complete after a month’s time. Step out with confidence and perfect curves of your eyebrows. It accentuates your eyes, making them look more prominent. You now have your dream brows, bolder or thinner as per your personal choice.


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