7 Tips To Improve Your Style


Even the most fashion-savvy people can fall into a rut with their wardrobe from time to time. When do you want to give your style a new, fresh twist, though, where do you start? In this article, we are going to look at 7 of our best tips to help you improve your style.

  1. Clean Out Your Closet

For many of us, it can be easy to trade in a sense of style for an old t-shirt or worn in a pair of sweatpants. However, if you really want to give your style a boost, the first thing you might want to do is to clean out your closet.


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By going through your closet and getting rid of clothes that you don’t wear or clothes that are simply too worn out, you are giving yourself a fresh start. Once you do this, you can go shopping for a newer and better wardrobe without being weighed down or tempted by the fashion choices you made in the past.

2. Find Inspiration

When you are trying to revamp your wardrobe, it is best to have an idea of what you want your style to be. For some people, this is easy! They can picture their dream outfits perfectly and know exactly what they’re looking for when they enter a store.

For many of us, though, the idea of changing our style up drastically isn’t so easy. If you aren’t sure where to start, try to find inspiration for your style. The easiest way to do this is to look to celebrities or trends that you like. From there, you can look for clothes that would work with the picture built up in your mind.

3. Think About Your Lifestyle

Fashion is about beauty, yes, but it also depends heavily on functionality. As such, before you by a new look, you should consider if you will actually be wearing it. If you are constantly walking around the city, for example, you might not want to buy a pair of shoes that aren’t suitable to that like a pair of stilettos.

This doesn’t mean that you should shop just for comfort, though. Instead, you should focus on finding a balance between being comfortable and looking good. Keeping this mindset, you will avoid the unfortunate event in which you find the perfect outfit only to have it sit in your closet unworn.

4. Shake It Up A Bit

If you love to rock a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, that’s fine! Improving your style doesn’t mean forcing yourself into the current trend – it’s about embracing the ones that you love and wearing the styles that make you feel beautiful.


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That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t step out of your comfort zone, though. You can keep a few pairs of jeans for your wardrobe but add in some other options as well. For example, try keeping a dress on hand or a stylish skirt to give you some options.

5. Consider Accessories

A simple and easy way to improve your style is to take your everyday looks and take those ideas up a notch. The easiest way to do that is by using accessories. You can add simple pieces – like a small piece of jewelry – for a more subtle look or bigger staple pieces – like a large purse – for a more dramatic change.

6. Step Outside Your Color Palette

If you find yourself sticking to neutral colors and you want to step out in your style, you might want to consider trying a new color! With summer right around the corner, bright colors are an excellent way to herald in the season. Even better, bright colors are a rather long-standing trend so you aren’t risking a style with a short lifespan either.

7. Shop For Your Body Shape

In the 1990s, baggy clothes were a trend that almost everyone bought into. Today, though, that isn’t the case. To update your style, you should try to shop for clothes that fit you and flatter your body shape.


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