Overview of the Concept of Decorative Acoustic Ceiling Tiles


In changing times walls are not only soundproofing but acoustic ceiling tiles also provide sound absorption feature. These tiles are affordable to purchase, and they are available in a large variety of collections and patterns. Basically, they are 2’ *2’ sized that are used for the lay-in ceiling applications. They are used all with existing mineral fiber that eliminates the need of discarding the current materials. It provides a higher rating of NRC when they are used in combination.

These Tiles Are Class-A Fire Rated That Is Lightweight with An Easy Installation Feature.

These decorative acoustic ceiling tiles help in improving and aiding the acoustics of the room. These ceiling tiles provide an effective noise pollution control when they are directly attached tons ceiling or when they are used as a drop ceiling. They come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and designs. They act a one-stop solution to improve the acoustical qualities of any spaces around.

Benefits of Acoustic Ceiling and Tiles

The decorative acoustic ceiling tiles are sound absorbent that takes the harshness out from the hard ceiling. It even reduces the echo volumes and improves the sound quality inside a room. These ceilings even have an extraordinary feature of reducing the noises that permeate from one story of the house to another.

It is very handy as it hangs from the ceiling. It hides the pipes, wires and other necessary items which you can to hide from the sight. It even allows an easy access for the repair system or even re-modeling making it a popular choice for basement remodels.

These tiles are reflective in nature letting more light to reflect back into the room. This saves money in the utility costs. It provides resistance from humidity, reflectivity and even from the fire.

These decorative acoustic ceiling tiles are very flexible in nature which can be easily installed in the room. They are impact resistant and can be replaced within a few minutes if damaged.

These tiles even manage the noise in large or small areas to keep the balance the occupant’s comfort. These tiles are engineered from several materials that meet the varied requirement of each of the application. It provides high performance against blocking, absorption and even diffusion of sound.

Types of Different Types of Decorative Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

The Acoustic Ceiling Options Come in Basically Two Styles. They Are:

Dropped or Suspended Ceiling: The dropped or Suspended Ceiling consists of the 2*2 foot or even 2*4-foot tiles that are dropped into an interlocking metal grid suspending it from a structural ceiling surface. The larger panels are less expensive and need fewer materials to put them up. The installation process, on the other hand, is also very simple and generally faster compared to the other one.

Glued Ceiling: The glued ceilings are tiles that are usually 1*1-foot tiles which are directly glued directly onto the structural ceiling. They offer the best soundproofing qualities that cover-ups an existing damage, exposed ducts, and even pipes and wires.

Both this type of decorative acoustic ceiling tiles conceals the damaged ceilings and reduces noise. These are majorly available in standard colors though they may have a variety of designs and patterns. If you are looking forward to any other color other than white or off-white, you can paint the panels with colors of your choice. Apart from this, you positively need to check with the manufacturer’s instructions so that you can make sure that you are not losing any one of the tiles because of the sound dampening quality.

These decorative acoustic ceiling tiles provide a very extensive selection of the best quality ceiling tiles. They are made in such a manner that it meets the utmost need during the challenging situations of day to day life.


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