Cyrus Mistry, the Former Chairman of Tata Sons, Passes Away

Cyrus Mistry

Cyrus Mistry, the former Tata Sons chairman, has passed away after a road accident near Mumbai. Mistry was ousted from the post in 2016 and was the sixth chairman of the company. He was buried in Mumbai. His death was a shock to the business world.

Cyrus Mistry was a former chairman of Tata Sons

Former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry has died in a road accident in Maharashtra. He was travelling from Ahmedabad to Mumbai in a Mercedes car when it hit a divider. The accident killed Mistry and two other passengers. The body was shifted to Kasa Rural Hospital for postmortem.

Mistry was born on July 4, 1968. He has a degree in civil engineering and a master’s in business from London Business School. He also held a membership of the National Integration Council.

He was ousted from the post in 2016

Cyrus Mistry was the second chairman of the Tata Group, after Dorabji Tata, when he was appointed on 28 December 2012. He was the youngest son of construction tycoon Pallonji Mistry, and was described by The Economist as one of the most influential industrialists in India. After Ratan Tata stepped down in 2012, Mistry became chairman.

Mistry became chairman of Tata Sons in 2012, after Ratan Tata announced his retirement in December 2012. During this time, his company was the target of a boardroom coup led by Tata Trusts, which held a 66% stake in the company. As the dispute raged, allegations of mismanagement and suppression of minority shareholders’ rights were levelled against Mistry. Mistry was later removed from his position and left the company, setting up a venture capital firm. His daughter, Priyanka Chaturvedi, married a member of the Tata family.

He died in a road accident near Mumbai

Cyrus Mistry, the former chairman of Tata Sons, died on Sunday in a road accident near Mumbai. He had been traveling from Ahmedabad to Mumbai when he was involved in an accident with his car. Two people were injured in the crash and two of them were rushed to a hospital, but sadly, Cyrus Mistry was killed on the spot. The two other people in the car were also taken to the hospital.

The accident occurred near the bridge near Charoti at around 3:15 pm. He was killed instantly and the other driver, Jahangir Binshah Pandol, was also killed. Mistry’s death is a shock for everyone in the industry, and his contributions to the country’s economic progress will be remembered for a long time to come. Mistry is survived by his wife and two sons.

He was the sixth chairman of the company

Cyrus Mistry was the sixth chairman of the Tata Sons Group from 2012 to 2016. Born in 1968, Cyrus Mistry’s age is 54¬†years, Mistry graduated from Imperial College and has a Master’s degree in management from London Business School. His family members own 18.4% of Tata Sons.

The Mistry family owns about 18 percent of Tata Sons, which is why they are the largest shareholders. Mistry was named chairman of the company in December of 2012 after his father retired.

Cyrus Mistry Net Worth – Writer

Cyrus Mistry is a well-known Writer and is estimated to be worth between $1 million and $7 million. Mistry is a member of the National Integration Council. His wealth comes from various sources, including his earnings and salary. However, his net worth may vary over time.

Cyrus Mistry’s wife, Rohiqa Chagla, is the granddaughter of the late M.C. Chagla, who planned Cyrus Mistry’s legal battle with Tata Sons. They have two children together. Cyrus Mistry is an Indian national and Irish citizen. He is also a director of Tata Sons, an Indian conglomerate.

Cyrus Mistry is the younger son of billionaire Pallonji Mistry. His parents are of Zoroastrian origin. His father took hold of Irish citizenship by choice. Mistry’s family has been active in business for almost a century. His grandfather, Shapoorji Mistry, acquired his first stake in Tata Sons in the 1930s.

Cyrus Mistry’s net worth is estimated at close to $10 billion. Mistry’s net worth is largely driven by his stake in Tata Sons. He has also served on the National Integration Council. Earlier, Mistry was removed as executive chairman of Tata Sons and was replaced by Chandrasekaran. However, the Supreme Court ruled his removal as legal and upheld the Tata family’s rules on minority shareholder rights.