Denim Jeans Women’s Guide for Different Body Types


Denim jeans will always be a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. They are both comfortable and easy to wear while having the versatility of being able to pair it with different tops and footwear to pull off a wide range of fashion styles.

There are many types of jeans out on the market, with each giving that certain look. However, not all can be flattering since each can complement a specific body type.

Jeans have come a long way since it became popular back in the 19th century as sturdy trousers for blue-collar workers such as factory workers, farmers, and miners.

Denim Jeans Women

Levi Strauss partnered up with Jacob Davis to create a more reinforced pair of denim jeans with the addition of rivets for stronger pockets. Back then, the fly was designed to be on the front for men and the left side for women, with only two riveted pockets on the front and one on the back. It has evolved to the standard five pockets, with a little watch pocket on the front that we’ve grown accustomed to.

Shopping for denim jeans can be relatively tougher for women compared to men since there are more types available that can only look good when worn by women with certain body types.

If you are concerned about which ones are great for you, fret not, as this helpful guide will turn you into a fashion maven for jeans worthy of a Ralph Wunsch photo shoot in no time.

  • Skinny Jeans

As the name suggests, skinny jeans, including the skinny cropped denim jeans, are the type that hugs the skin, giving a snug fit. They will take the shape of your body from the waist down to your legs, so if you have lean legs and a nice butt that you want to flaunt, this type is for you. It comes in low, mid, and high-rise waist cuts with stretchable fabric, making it perfect for a slim body type.

Ideal for: Women with an hourglass figure, those who are petite, or anyone with slim legs.

Not for: Women with a round or pear-shaped body and thick legs.

  • Straight Leg

If you love jeans that hug your body but lack the confidence or maybe the body to wear skinnies, a pair of straight-legged jeans is the right one for you.

They are somewhere between skinny and wider-cut denim jeans, so they can make your legs look longer despite not being able to pull the skinny look.

Ideal for: Most body types for the flexibility allowed by design.

Not for: Nothing to worry about here.

  • Bootcut

The boot cut jeans first fell under the ‘mommy jeans’ category before slowly becoming a favorite among women of any age. Only this time, the new version is more tapered at the end than the original style to cater to the millennial demographic.

Bootcut Jeans

The jeans come with a great fit until the knees before gradually loosening up past your calf muscles. They also come in a cropped style where they flare out a bit just above the shins.

Ideal for: Perfect for curvy women and all other body types since they take the shape of your body and fit well.

  • Flared Jeans

This style initially became popular back in the 70s during the popular hippie subculture and made a comeback during the 90s as a retro trend.

It’s now back with a bang, with a more modern fit where it is tighter at the thighs compared to the older version. They now fall somewhere between bootcut and the classic bell-bottom trousers.

Ideal for: Tall and curvy women, pear-shaped, and with round body types.

Not for: Short and curvy women

  • Boyfriend Jeans

This pair of denim jeans got its namesake from the fact that it looks like they were literally borrowed from your boyfriend. But over time, the fit started to look better, turning it into a stylish look that is still trendy today.

The jeans are a great fit near the waist and hip area and broaden a bit down to the legs.

Ideal for: Curvy women or those who have a pear or apple-shaped body types.

Not for:  Petite or short women, as they might make you appear shorter.

  • Low-Rise Jeans

When low-rise denim jeans became a huge hit, the trend never went away. A pair looks perfect when paired with short tops for women with a toned waist and well-defined hips since they start just below the belly button.

Girl in Jeans

This style works great with skinny, straight, boyfriend, and super skinny patterns.

Ideal for: Petite, hourglass-figured women, or those with an inverted triangle body type.

Not for: Women with a curvy midsection and those with muffin tops, which would only create unflattering bulges.

  • Cigarette Jeans

Cigarette jeans are generally skinnies, but the only thing that sets them apart is the length of cigarette jeans stop just a little above the shins.

Ideal for: Women with an hourglass body including those who are petite with slim legs.

Not for: Women with round body types or those who have big thighs.

Now that you are armed with the basics, you can be confident with shopping for different types of jeans that suit your body type. Be ready to turn heads and receive a lot of compliments for your attractive fashion sense whenever you mix and match tops with your denim jeans of choice.


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