What are the various Boot Styles?


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There are too many reasons to go for boots, and collection of shoes is complete when you have the right boots for the right occasion. The word boot describes shoes which covers the whole feet and come up the leg covering the ankle. But, there are various types of boots and many different makes, boot styles etc., which have purposes set against the design. Finding out the occasions, reasons and ways you can use various types of boots is thrilling, even when you know all about boot styles.

Boot Styles

The style you exhibit while wearing boots is superb. They have a certain smartness and valor, which makes a person wearing boots noticeable. And when you carry this the right way, you always win some fabulous looks. Whether you are wearing a low ankle boot for slightest foot coverage with your formals, or a high coverage with high thigh high boot, it will always look stunning while carving out your persona and image for the choice to buy boots online.

Types of boots

Here are the best boot styles types in a nutshell, which would tell you the main variations:

Riding boots: These are stylish, glamorous, and great for wearing with skin fit trousers and jeans. You can certainly wear them for riding, and also in informal occasions, cowboy style parties etc. They have a strong platform for the best body balance, and offer protection to the feet during riding, while jumping from a short height.

Riding boots
Riding boots

High heel boots: Those are favorites of every fashionista. They not only raise you a few inches above the ground and give you a gorgeous height, but also shows off your style and balance as you carry them with grace. High heel boots come in different heel lengths and boot height, and there is a lot of choices in them.

High heel boots
High heel boots

Rain boots: As the name suggests, they protect your feet from moisture, and certainly the design involves high coverage to block flooded water from touching your feet. They are great for field jobs, walking in water logged areas, muddy areas, puddles, and also in forests, where there are more chances to come in contact with water or moisture. They are water resistant in the toughest conditions, while providing comfort to the feet skin inside.

Platform heel boots: These are also called chunky heel boots for the flat block of heel, which ensures much higher balance stability than normal high heel boots with pointed or tapering heels. If you want to raise your height, look stylish, and also want to ensure feet safety and body balance, these are perfect for you.

Low heel boots: Just like the high heel boots, there are low heel boots too, which are perfect for those looking for foot protection in the rainy or winter season or during any trips. You need not mind much about balancing body and heels, you can simply go flat and steady in these boots.

Thigh high boots: These boots are great for flaunting off your bold sense of style, and are mainly worn with hot pants, miniskirts, short dresses etc. by women. Sometimes, men also wear these boots for extra feet coverage in special areas.

Thigh high boots
Thigh high boots

Wedge boots: These are preferred for their extreme comfort and ease of wear. They give lovely room to the toes and feet, and lets air circulate inside while providing you a good height extension through platform black heels.

Wedge boots
Wedge boots

Fur boots: Fur boots are perfect for managing the feet comfort and temperature in the coldest weathers. They are to pamper your feet skin, add comfort, and prevent feet from cracking. Some boots are even designed to keep the feet hot in winters and cool in summers.

With the knowledge of diverse boots types, you can pick yours online with more fun and understanding.


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