How to Adjust your 3 Weeks Macro Diet?


What is a macro diet?

Many people are not aware of what the word ‘’macro’’ refers to. Macro is a term that basically refers to all the nutrients that one intakes. The nutrients refer to all the essential things such as, proteins, fats and also carbohydrates. So a macro diet is a diet, which has the balanced amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. By ‘’balanced’’, it basically means not the less consumption and not high consumption because if these are taken in a more than the required amount, it might build up the fat in your body and cover your body with the adipose tissue which might prove to be dangerous for you. Hence, balance is important.

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And that is what macro diet is all about. Macro diet is basically to keep a moderation and balance in all the necessary nutrients that your body needs.

How to Adjust your 3 Weeks Macro Diet?

How to Adjust your 3 Weeks Macro Diet

So adjusting a 3 week of macro diet, is all about taking the right amount of diet and it not only specifically focuses on adjusting the ‘’amount’’ of your diet, but also what you eat. Yes, whatever you consume in this time duration is the basic focus because your calorie amount depend upon ‘what’ you eat rather than the amount you eat.

1- How to change whatever you intake (macro):
So the first struggle that all the people face when getting into the diet is how to change their eating habits and what to eat and what not to. It might be a little tough to quickly lessen the diet that you eat, therefore one must start by moderation. You must start eating healthy and less junk.

2- What should one eat and avoid during these 3 weeks:
3 weeks are enough to lose sufficient amount of weight. In 3 weeks, people will notice the change and will tell you that you look better and healthier. But all of it depends upon the macro diet that you intake.


Macro-nutrients include protein. Protein is extremely essential for the body. Proteins are not only necessary for the inside, but also for your hair. Protein treatments are given in order to make the hair look healthier. Hence, in these 3 weeks, you must focus on the consumption of proteins. Eat all the protein rich foods, such as, boiled chicken. Remember, the selection of protein rich foods is also important. Cut down on dairy products. Consumption of boiled chicken, boiled eggs etc. are not just healthy, but will also make you feel energetic and help you lose weight faster.


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Now usually, when it comes to weight loss, people prefer taking in less carbs. Carbohydrate rich foods, such as bread, potatoes, cereals although are necessary for the body, but can account for weight gain.

Hence, in order to adjust a 3 week macro diet, you have to focus on carbs. You do not have to completely cut on the amount of carbohydrates. You can consume cereals and boiled mashed potatoes sometimes but bread, which is also known as a ‘’white poison’’ for the body, must be avoided.

It is preferred that one must start their day with a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is like fuel for the day. Lunch must be moderate and so must be the dinner. If one eats a balanced amount of macro nutrients, one can maintain their energy levels.

Macro Calculator:

Many people do not know the amount of macro nutrients that they must intake. One can only adjust their macro diet, once they are aware of this. The Macro calculator enables you to calculate your desired value. The amount of nutrients that you must intake to maintain a healthy weight can now successfully and accurately be calculated through this calculator. Given below is a pectoral representation of the basic interface of the calculator;

Macro Calculator

The macro calculator is initially a requirement before one adjusts their macro diet. Without it, the diet can’t be adjusted.


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