Top 7 Cannabis Strains for Curing Cancer


Before we begin discussing the various strains of cannabis used in the fight against cancer, let’s examine their primary differences.

Basically, this boils down to the volumes present of THC and cannabidiol CBD.

For cancer patients suffering weight loss, THC will improve their appetite and state of mind. In other words, THC eliminates nausea, gives you the “munchies” and makes you high. THC is also available in tablet form. Called Marinol, it is a chemotherapy prescription drug.

CBD is the more sober partner, if you like. It also fights nausea but is not an appetite enhancer. While it works to ease anxiety, CBD is better known for its anti-convulsive and anti-inflammatory effects that stop painful muscle spasms such as epileptic fits, tremors associated Parkinson’s Disease, while helping a number of other chronic illnesses.

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cannabis strains for curing cancer

The other two elements contained in different cannabis strains are Indica for pain and Sativa for energy.

1. Chemo

Chemo is a 100 percent pure Indica hybrid that was bred to treat the after-effects of chemotherapy.

With a high THC content, this powerful bud is a potent painkiller and sedative which also gives users a serious case of the “munchies”.

Among its painkilling properties, Chemo relieves nausea, depression, sleeping patterns disturbed by, and stops insomnia.

  • Chemo is a potent strain that manages the after-effects of chemotherapy
  • Chemo is a pain-killing Indica strain
  • Laboratory tests have indicated THC levels as high as 29 percent

2. Harlequin

  • The Harlequin flower has a high CBD Sativa content
  • The flower also contains THC, so together with CBD, this strain is a power-house painkiller
  • It does not induce drowsiness
  • It is safe to use Harlequin during the day
  • It is a mood enhancer but does not make you high

3. Purple Kush

  • Purple Kush is a very popular Indica-bud strain
  • Its THC content, as much as 27 percent, makes it a powerful painkiller
  • It makes you very stoned
  • It is a strong sedative

4. Jillybean

  • Jillybean is a Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • It has a sweet citrus taste
  • Used to fight nausea
  • Stimulates the appetite
  • Has a calming effect
  • Safe for daytime use

5. God’s Gift

  • God’s Gift is a potent painkiller and favored by cancer patients in need of powerful relief
  • It has equally powerful appetite stimulants, giving users a serious case of the “munchies”
  • This is a night-time flower, so should be used after dark
  • I can be vaporized prior to mealtime to build appetite

6. Super Lemon Haze

  • Super Lemon Haze is a popular Sativa strain
  • The flower is quite potent and can contain up to 25 percent THC
  • Super Lemon Haze eases gastrointestinal discomfort
  • It fights depression and chronic fatigue

7. Alien OG

Alien OG contains equal amounts of the Sativa and Indica strains, and because of its high level of THC makes users feel very stoned. It stimulates feelings of euphoria and relaxation.

Favored for the treatment of brain cancer, Alien OG induces creativity, relieves stress, treats insomnia and pain, alleviates severe headaches, and fights depression.

  • Alien OG is high in THC content of up to 28 percent
  • It is an Indica hybrid and a powerful sedative and painkiller
  • Alien OG is used to treat brain cancer patients
  • It also induces a feeling of wellbeing

Cannabis Oil

Patients suffering from cancer often use high dosages of full extract cannabis oil to shrink tumors. While there are no proven clinical tests to support such beliefs, untold numbers of stories have been revealed by cancer sufferers who say they have rid themselves of the disease by taking heavy doses of cannabis.

What is important to remember is that cancer treatments vary and that everyone responds differently to cannabis. The trick is to find a strain that will work for the individual. Different strains provide varying amounts of cannabinoids and terpenoids.

Cannabis oil is extracted from cannabis flowers and is a thick and sticky substance.

The oil can be:

  • Eaten
  • Vaporized into the lungs
  • Used as a suppository
  • Applied topically
  • Mixed with creams for external use


Being in pain is a dreadful side-effect of chemotherapy.

Cannabis is a known painkiller and is chosen above harsh opioid drugs prescribed to cancer sufferers.

Apart from the painful after-effects, chemotherapy induces nausea and vomiting, which leads to lack of appetite.

The THC content in cannabis is known to fight nausea and stomach discomfort, while stimulating the appetite.

Many believe that combining cannabis with a Vegan diet will not only fight cancer but also lead to the road of recovery from this dreaded disease.

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