How to Reduce Distress? Headaches, Feeling of Dryness


Headache is very common in our society, you must have been hearing from every 3rd-4th person you meet daily complaining about not feeling well because they are having headache but my question here is do they even know why they are not feeling well or have headaches very often? Well very few of them would be knowing the exact answer to my question. One of the major reason of headache is distress. Let’s get more in details of symptoms of headaches and few other factors which can help to reduce headaches.

No one wants to suffer from headache but that cannot happen because of the daily routine which we follow but you can reduce this pain. There are many symptoms of distress that can drastically hurt your quality of life.

Before finding the solution to cure headaches it is necessary to know the symptoms. Distress or anxiety headaches are very much common and they can be painful but at the same time they are curable too.

It is advisable to consult your doctor before taking any medicine of your own. We have seen people getting used to paracetamol or any other pain killer but let me tell you that is not a solution. You need to know the reason of headache weather it is because of distress or normal flue.

Way to prevent headaches caused due to distress or anxiety;

Consult your doctor

The first and foremost thing to do is to visit your doctor and get the checkup done to get the exact reason of headache.

Take rest

Headaches caused due to distress is a clear sign that your body needs a break. Many of us gets so busy in our daily life that we do not get good time to rest our body. It is highly recommended to take a short nap of about 15-20 minutes in between your work hours.

Eating habits

It is advisable to keep eating small and frequent meals rather than three large means at breakfast, lunch and. So, if you have not eaten for a while, go and eat something straight away this would keep your mind and body refreshed and you would be able to concentrate more without any distress.

Taking a hot shower

Everyone prefer to go for cold shower but when it comes to distress headache treatment, sometimes hot shower could be everything you need to reduce the pain of headache.

Have a cup of coffee

Caffeine has painkilling effect and can be very useful in treating anxiety headaches.

Regular Exercise

30 Minute workout a day keeps your doctor away. You may prefer to go for Yoga or aerobics or gym. Regular exercise boots your immune system and keeps your heart healthy.

Break from your computers

Avoid seating continuously in front of your computer for hours. Take a 10-15 minutes break in every few hours to avoid headaches.

Get your eye checkup done

Regular distress headaches could be a reason that your eyes are getting weak. Extended use of computer may cause stain in eyes and it leads to headaches, feeling of dryness, and other discomfort.


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