How Exercise can help You Increase Sex Life?


Exercise is any bodily activity which not only maintains physical fitness but also overall health and wellness. It is advised to go for at least 30-minute daily exercise because for various reasons including sharpen athletic skills, increasing muscle growth and strengthening, preventing aging, increase sex life, weight loss, etc.

You might have heard that regular exercise can boost the immune system which reduce the risk of osteoporosis, diabetes or stress. But researches have shown that exercise may have many other surprising effects too like exercise to increase blood flow to pelvic area, maintain digestion, help in improving self-esteem.

In men, exercise act as a natural Viagra. According to one study middle-aged men asked to participate in 9 months exercise program and they reported more frequent and improved sexual satisfaction. In this time period, the biggest improvement seen was that you can also exercise to increase sperm count along with fitness level.

In women, it was found that women who took part in 9 months exercise program were reported greater sexual satisfaction, desire than women who were not part of this exercise.

According to some research women who did cycling for 10-15 minutes can help to increase your sexual satisfaction and make you more desirable to the opposite sex. 5 minutes cycling could be a good option and improve your love making ability.

Top 5 exercises which will help you increase sex life


It is one of the healthiest workout in which all your body parts are included and can be done for lifetime. Swimming improves oxygen and blood flow in the body and makes your muscles flexible. People who take swimming as their regular exercise can enjoy their sex life more than who do not exercise regularly.


Apart from various health benefits including increase in immunity, blood pressure level, detoxification, etc. Yoga can improve sexuality through more self-confidence, and better control. There are other emotional health benefits of yoga like stress reduction, anxiety, self-control, concentration, memory, attention, depression.

Weight lifting

Research shows that weight lifting not only give you toned body/appearance but also make you happier and improve overall health. Visiting gym on regular basis can help you in building more testosterone which leads to better blood flow.

Kegel Exercise

Kegel is the name of a pelvic floor exercise and it has become most talked topic for boosting male libido level. Just like any other muscle pelvic muscle need to be strengthened as well. Kegel exercise can be performed anywhere while watching TV or sitting on your desk at office.

Pelvic muscles main function is to support the bladder, abdomen and colon. It is made of thin layer of muscle and tissues that stretch like a sling from the tailbone to pubic bone. Benefits of Kegel exercise in women is to control stress incontinence and it also helps to control the flow of urine and involuntary urination.


Cardio is the simplest of exercises and sometimes known as aerobic exercise. There are end number of cardio exercise starting from using trade-mill in gym or jogging in park everyday, it is the fastest way to loose weight and keep your metabolism revved. Try to Increase the amount of time you put in walking, jogging or cycling by 5 minutes every week which will automatically lead to increase in stamina and will make you last longer in bed.


Exercise is always been the first choice than taking pills to increase sex life. Do all these exercises mentioned above and give your sex life next level boost. Another fact of the matter is when you do exercise, you look and (feel) better which is more appealing to opposite sex.


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