Quick Remedies for Headaches That Actually Work


Quick Remedies for HeadachesHeadaches can come have different origins. It could be stress or it could be caused by a growing wisdom tooth. Even today, headache is a common chronic and acute discomfort that people get to experience. Unfortunately, headaches can lead to decreased productivity and may even stop you from doing your usual routine.

So how exactly are you supposed to treat headaches? The thing with headaches is that there is no single approach that works. There are pharmaceutical methods and there are non-pharmaceutical methods that you can do in order to get rid of your headache today.

Pharmaceutical Options

The most common type of remedy that you can use to treat headaches is to take over-the-counter medication. Among effective headache relief options include acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and naproxen are just some of the most common pharmaceutical treatments that can be used to treat the most common types of headaches.

But of course, this isn’t always an effective solution. When it comes to dealing with chronic and recurring headaches, it is possible that doctors are going to recommend a different medication. Stronger versions of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are usually used in order to address this kind of situation. However, the downside is that there could be a possible side effect such as gastric irritation.


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Prescription drugs that are usually given to people suffering from a headache include narcotics, tramadol, and some barbiturates. But of course, it is important to note the possibility of substance abuse.

Ginger Tea

If you are looking for a natural alternative when it comes to treating your headache, it is a good idea that you turn to drinking ginger tea. What exactly does ginger do in order to stop a headache? Ginger has been known to reduce inflammation in the blood vessels which could potentially stop headaches.


A lot of people are experiencing tension headache mainly from stress. It is a good idea that you close your eyes and rest. It is possible that a headache is brought by stress. You may also want to minimize stimulants for your eyes. This means that you want to stay in a dark and quiet room and just close your eyes. You don’t have to necessarily sleep in order to experience relief.


If you just had 4 hours of sleep for a few straight days, it is possible that the lack of sleep might be the one that is causing your headache. Why not make it a point to sleep early and see a big difference by morning. You also want to stay away from your phone once you are in bed. This way, it doesn’t stop you from falling asleep.


Massage is another proven intervention for people experiencing a headache. It has been proven that massage can help increase blood circulation that could be the reason why people find relief after receiving a massage. Massage is also known to flush lactic acid concentrated on different muscle groups that could contribute to a person’s headache.

Eat healthy meals

It is possible that the food that you eat is contributing to your headache. As rule of thumb, be mindful of your diet. Adding foods that are considered antioxidant can make a huge difference how you are going to find relief from your headache.

And also, be sure that you are going to eat on time. A lot of people are experiencing headaches mainly from low blood pressure. In fact, make it a habit to eat your breakfast. This is usually the reason why people tend to have headaches early in the morning when they are going to work.


Another possible reason why people experience headaches is due to tight muscles surrounding the neck and the head. If you really can’t have a massage as of the moment, take the time to perform few simple stretches for your back and neck muscles.


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Ice Pack

Getting an ice pack and applying it to your neck intermittently for five to ten minutes can also offer instant relief for your headache. It helps in reducing inflammation not to mention it has numbing effects.


There are many reasons why people experience headaches. The good news is that there are also different solutions that you can take. Try these simple solutions and see how it works for you to get rid of a headache.

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