Fluffy or Fit? Choice is yours-A Protein and Fiber Rich Diet can be the Savior


Protein-and-Fiber-Rich-DietIn today’s highly technical world, where gorging over unhealthy food and availability of the same are just a click away, being fit and fine has become a lot tougher. People fail to maintain a diet which has abundant nutrients to keep themselves healthy throughout a longer span of time. A protein and fiber affluent meal works fine in maintaining a low-fat body. Hence, there are greater tendencies to put on weight and that in a way leads to a wheezy lifestyle. So, weight loss nowadays has become the concern of the moment for every individual who has gained weight at a level which is above normal in that particular being.

What leads to improper weight gain in an individual?

There is this universal belief that people get fat due to excessive eating or junk food consumption. But, what majority of us don’t know is that there are numerous other factors which lead to obesity in any mortal. To throw some light on the various reasons for weight gain we can start with irregular diets obviously but the other reasons turn out to be the following- lack of proper health regime, being a ‘couch potato’, insomniac attacks, intake of improper drugs, hormonal imbalance, effect of certain bacteria and many more.

How to burn those extra kilos and lead a fat-free life?

One major misconception in the case of obesity is ‘it’s inherited from the parents’. That’s completely a false impression in this case. Several times we get to see people getting fat, even though both their parents have never been corpulent and also vice-versa. Those who think that they are eligible for a skinny body by just belonging to a genetically less obese family tree then they have really struggled. So, extra care must be taken in maintaining a proper hygienic life so that we don’t get trapped by body fat. Doing exercise regularly is one way out in keeping up with a healthier lifestyle. Obviously, a balanced diet which consists of all the necessary nutritive supplements is also required for the same.

How can protein and fiber help in burning excess body fat?

  1. Fibers are basically found in food materials like fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, beans and many more. And, protein, as we all know, is commonly engraved in the likes of lean meats, fishes, eggs, milk, almonds, chicken breast, seafood, cheese, etc.
  2. Fibers are categorically divided into soluble and insoluble fibers which help in the elimination of fats and cholesterol and also passes the food through the digestive system respectively. Proteins, in turn, helps in reducing belly fat to a certain extent and also increases the mass of the muscles that lower the chances of fat deposition in our body.
  3. According to researchers, a normal adult and healthy female require about forty-six grams of protein intake daily whereas a normal male requires fifty-six grams of protein intake daily to maintain a balanced and fit life.
  4. Protein supplements are often a rage amongst fitness strategists. But one thing that must be taken care of readily is that human body cannot keep in store excessive protein. So, taking up just anything in the motive of being physically fit may also harm our body. Anything in excess is always harmful in every aspect of life.

Though there is a popular belief amongst people of almost all age group that if you eat less then chances are more that you may have a lean body. Well, to be profound and honest, skinny people eats a lot more than fat people really does! Less food is not the solution to be less obese. Eating more but healthy should be the ultimate goal of every individual which is the best getaway to stay fit and lead a healthier life. Consumption of high carb and excessive cholesterol foods may lead to serious health hazards including obesity. So, a balanced diet which contains protein and fiber should be maintained by every individual to move a ladder upwards in weight loss strategy, even if he or she consumes higher amounts of food daily.


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