Dhaakad Movie Review


When it comes to spy action movies, there’s no better cast than Kangana Ranaut, Divya Dutta, and Razneesh Ghai. The three leading ladies are all immaculately dressed and perfectly suited, a perfect match for their roles. Fortunately, Dhaakad proves that good ideas do not necessarily translate into good films. Here are some key points to consider.

Dhaakad Movie

Kangana Ranaut

Dhaakad, the new Hindi film starring Kangana Ranaut, is a mixed bag. It begins with Budapest as Agent Agni tries to rescue a group of girls being trafficked. The movie’s stunts are impressive, but the clumsy plot and thin characters leave little to the imagination. The film also features some of Bollywood’s most infamous villains – one of whom is Angelina Jolie – and her role is ultimately overshadowed by the movie mafia.

Dhaakad is an action film that features Kangana Ranaut as a fearless field officer of the imaginary International Task Force. As a member of the task force, she tries to break up a human trafficking ring and get information to help stop the traffickers. While she’s on her mission, she gets a surprise visitor – Divya Dutta. The two work together to uncover the truth and nab the perpetrators. However, the film’s storyline is patchy and the overdose of action has not been well received by fans.

Divya Dutta

In Hindi cinema, Dhaakad is a shamelessly derivative action movie with the female lead playing a brainy role. This film takes its cue from the Lara Croft franchise, starring Angelina Jolie. As the financial brain and emotional support of a criminal gang, Rohini is the perfect woman to play the role of Divya Dutta.

Kangana Ranaut is a charming and talented actress, but the film’s screenplay fails to do her character any justice. While she is very good at acting, there is no suspense in the story. You can guess what happens sometime after the movie starts. However, Divya Dutta’s performance is excellent, especially in some scenes. The film’s other star, Arjun Rampal, could have done better in the role.

Razneesh Ghai

Dhaakad is another spy thriller from Razneesh Ghai, and it delivers plenty of thrills and action. The film stars Kangana Ranaut and Arjun Rampal. It’s an absorbing thriller, but I can’t give it five stars because it’s very similar to the ‘Baahubali franchise. But if you’re in the mood for a racy thriller, you can’t go wrong with this flick.

Dhaakad is the first female-led action film to hit the Bollywood circuit, and it’s marketed as a high-octane thriller. Unfortunately, the film’s lack of character development and pacing make it an uneven, frustrating outing. It tries desperately to sell its image as a high-octane action film, but it falls flat on its face.