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This risqué Bollywood horror movie is the follow-up to the popular Anees Bazmee film, Bhool Bhulaiyyaa 2. Unlike its predecessor, this sequel owns its ridiculousness and revels in the cliched game of boo. In a sense, the movie succeeds in capturing the essence of the genre.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2


This film is a smorgasbord of grief and black magic. It navigates the gloomy subject of human nature and prods along its path. However, its humor is inconsistent and relies heavily on the reputation of its original. In spite of its shortcomings, Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 does not fall flat.

While there are many elements common to the original, the story here is unique enough to make it worth a look. It stars Kartik Aaryan, Kiara Advani, and Tabu. It is directed by Anees Bazmee, with Aakash Kaushik and Farhad Samji writing the dialogues. Among its other stars are Kartik Aaryan as Ruhaan Randhawa and Tabu as Anjulika. It was produced by T-Series Films and Cine1 Studios, and the score by Sandeep Shirodkhar.


It’s easy to make an initial assessment of a horror movie by its premise. Anees Bazmee, who made the first film, helms this second effort. Its rom-com approach works wonders, as it avoids any type of toilet humour. In addition, Kartik Aaryan’s performance carries the jokes through. Though it’s a stale horror film, the film’s director knows how to push the humour buttons and keeps the suspense aspect in check. This is the only complaint with the movie, if one considers its intended audience: the movie is not particularly scary.

The plot is simple: a rich family leaves a sprawling mansion, only to find that the dreadful creature they were searching for has escaped. The monster has already devoured eight members of the Thakurs family. Ruhan, the charming newcomer, finds himself entangled in the mess and meets the sweet, naive Reet. The movie is a satire of forced marriages, and is not for the faint of heart.

Lack of music

This Bollywood remake of a classic Bengali movie, which stars Rajpal Yadav and Shreya Ghosal, fails to impress in many departments. The film’s soundtrack is average and its clunky editing is distracting. But apart from that, the story and performances are very good. The film is full of heart and soul and deserves more than a mere average score.

The film is not without its share of comedy, however. The lead cast is well-cast and brings laughs to the proceedings. The slapstick comedy from Kartik Aaryan and Ashwini Kalsekar is a welcome addition, and Amar Upadhyay’s understated role is an important one. Siddhant Ghegadmal is a refreshing addition to the film’s cast and gives some much-needed levity to the film.

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While writing a Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 movie review, you should keep in mind that the film has a stockpile of jump scares. The backstory is generic, the characters are bland, and the film is rife with sexist and fat-shaming jokes. As such, you may be tempted to write a review of the movie that’s more positive than negative.

The film has a few redeeming features. Kartik Aaryan – who has been in more recent releases – keeps the film moving forward with a brand of humour that is both entertaining and engrossing. His performance of a hysterical, over-the-top dialogue has the audience in stitches, but it relies on the reputation of the original film to keep the film exciting.