Do Real Instagram Followers Really Matter?


Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms that has reached exceptional growth in recent years. According to Statista, there will be nearly 1.2 billion Instagram users worldwide by 2023. With such increasing popularity of this social media channel, there is a race among Insta followers to gain more and more followers. 

However, in this push to grow Instagram followers, some influencers and brands end up buying fake followers. This trick to gain Instagram followers can set an Instagram account or brand/influencer for bad results. Thus, gaining real Instagram followers and creating meaningful engagements should be prioritized rather than the follower count.

Want to know more about the importance of growing your Instagram account with real users? Keep reading to know!

Instagram Followers

Why Do Real Instagram Followers Matter?

Instagram works on such algorithms that allow Instagrammers to gain more followers through legit methods. An Instagram account grows based on the number of ‘real followers’ it has. But how does Instagram differentiate between real Instagram followers and fake followers? Well, the real Insta followers-

  • Share videos and images.
  • Have followers.
  • View the content, like it, and leave a comment.
  • Have real profile pictures and are active.

In addition, real Instagram followers obey Instagram rules and regulations. Thus, when you get real Instagram followers, there is no risk to your account. 

Having real Instagram followers can help increase your account’s visibility, build brand awareness, drive more traffic to your site, and establish your brand’s identity. Whether yours is a new enterprise or an old brand, real Instagram followers give you some recognition.

Furthermore, with real Instagram followers, an Instagram profile ranks high on the platform. Whenever you share a video or image, your content gets appreciation immediately. 

Quality Over Quantity

The number of followers you have on Instagram won’t make a big difference; it is the kind of followers that matters the most. If you spend your time focusing on how big your follower count is, you may not really invite genuine people who actually want to follow you. 

If you own a brand or run a business online, it is even more important to attract the right clients who are genuinely interested in your products and services. There is no point in drawing people in who don’t want your services. Thus, it is crucial to know who you are targeting. 

Find Your Real Instagram Followers

You don’t have to wait for free Instagram followers to find you; you can start finding them right now! Check out your competitors’ accounts and find out who follows them. Don’t be shy in following them; some of them will follow you back.

Conduct hashtag research and look closely at the top posts that come up with search results. Go through the accounts that posted these posts and find out if they have similar interests as yours. Will their followers be interested in your services or content?

Buy Real Instagram Followers

You can easily buy Instagram followers with legit service providers and give a boost to your follower base. It can help you climb quickly through Instagram ranks based on algorithms. These services offer real Insta followers and are safe for your account. It is the easiest way to get a competitive advantage and grow your account in no time.

Collaborate With Influencers

Influencers in your niche have a huge following, and collaborating with them can prove to be a wonderful way to grow real Insta followers. Influencers have already devoted a lot of time and effort to bringing together a targeted following. When you collaborate with them, it spreads the word about your brand.

Be Genuine

In order to attract real and genuine Instagram followers, you also need to be genuine. Post quality content regularly and spare a few minutes to respond to the comments, or clarify people’s queries, etc. This approach is worth it as people who follow you have a genuine interest in your brand and expect you to be genuine too. 

Track Your Progress

Monitor the stats that matter. Remember, growing on social media is a long-term investment and an ongoing process. You may not know what would work for you unless you give it the right time. Keep a check on the number of visitors who visited your website from Insta. Determine how much engagement you are creating or how many followers you have gained.

Keep in mind; success doesn’t happen overnight. However, with the right effort, you can gain real followers who will work as fuel to grow your account.


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