Experience a More Realistic Google Maps View Now As It Is No Longer


Before Google updated its feature of ‘showing us the right path’ (Google maps), it did not quite agree with the scientific fact of the earth being round in shape; it showed us a flat earth shape from the beginning. But recently, it updated its perspective and thereby changed the view of flat earth to a more convincing globe view.

When we zoom out from the Google maps, we get to see that it is more like globe rather than flat pieces of land showing up in our screen. And this globe view shows the landmasses in appropriate sizes also, which was an upsetting subject in case of the earlier flat earth view of the Google maps.

Because it showed every landmass on the scale of a flat view, t almost became impossible to present all of them with accurate sizes. Hence, this new update has become quite a rage amongst civilians who seek the help of the Google maps frequently for ‘finding their lost path’ and thereby, the idea is embraced by all.

Google Maps
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What has changed in the all-new globe earth perspective of the Google maps?

The obvious advantage of the globe view is the accuracy of landmasses of course but other than that there are some more changes that this update has brought in the Google maps. In the earlier flat view, any surface that was showed had some forms of distortion as it is not possible to build a surface without it when you change a sphere shape to a plane shape.

In the latest view, no such distortions are present and you can experience the actual surfaces of every place that you tend to view on the Google maps. One major example of this phenomenon is the size of Greenland that showed almost the same size as Africa which is way larger in size than Greenland.

This has changed in the globe view and now we can differ the size of Greenland with a surface area of about 836300 square miles to that of Africa which is approximately 11.73 million square miles in surface area. So, the users are happy with their experience with the new update of the Google maps because they can relate to the exact surface areas of the landmasses now as compared to the flat earth view before.

The final take

With this recent update in Google maps, we expect better outcomes of it in years to come. And also, we are waiting for what shall be the next update in the Google maps that would make our experience with it more convenient and productive.

Any latest update takes time to sink in and being user-friendly but once it takes off well with time, there is nothing that stops it from gaining acknowledgments and accolades; we are expecting the same with the Google maps update as well. The more realistic the view, the better the chances of its utilization.


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