Feel Fresh and Relaxed With the Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes


Its high time feminine hygiene must be considered as an important aspect of their lives. Many a time we notice that women themselves are less careful about their intimate health let alone others taking care of the same! But they do not quite understand how important it is to maintain a healthy intimate condition to remain hygienic in the long run. 

Be it during their menstruation days or other days, women tend to produce a lot of toxins and moisture down their vagina which needs to be dried out in no time because the more they get accumulated there, the chances of infections and other vaginal diseases may increase. 

Thus, to help them out with the same, Everteen has come up with a solid idea of hygiene wipes which not only cleans the vaginal area with ease but are also easy and comfortable to use. Let us get to know more details on the same.

Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes

What facets of the Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes make it worth a buy?

Some great qualities that these wipes come up with, make them worthy of buying for every adult woman. They are made of 100% natural formula and also possesses biodegradable properties which are good for the environment as well. 

These are soft and paraben-free wipes which would not give you rashes or make you feel uncomfortable when you use it. Rather, they are meant to keep your vaginal area fresh and dry the whole day! Also, the wipes are alcohol-free, SLS free, pH balanced and hypoallergenic which pretty much sums up its potential to be on your handbag when you step out of the house!

How often should you use the Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes?

It depends on how you want to use it but it’s good to carry 2-3 wipes if you are going out for the whole day, generally, women who produce a lot of vaginal liquids must keep even more than just 2-3 pads because they may need them to wipe off the liquid. They are good to soak the wetness of the vaginal area and provide fresh and dry conditions to your intimate parts!


It is very disturbing and discomforting when you constantly find yourself in a wet condition during the day. And as women constantly produce some or eh her kind of liquid for their vaginal area, it becomes hard for them to remain in a dry condition for a long. 

And when you remain wet on that condition for long hours, it is bound to make you feel uncomfortable apart from the health risks that may arise due to that! Thus, in times like these, the Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes do a great job in not only providing you with a dry and clean vagina but also make you feel comfortable throughout the day. 

Women must consider using these wipes as much as they can to prevent any kind of infection and unhygienic condition around their intimate parts. So, what are you waiting for? Pick one soon!


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