It’s High Time We Consider Menstrual Hygiene as Something Important


No matter how convincingly we say that we have reached a certain era where a male and female are considered equal in every aspect, we tend to be taking it casually. What’s worse is that there are even so many places across the world where not even the birth of a girl child is treated with brutality, but even their feminine hygiene is questioned about!

To add to the woes, some women still do not take their menstrual hygiene to be of something important and thus needs up being prone to diseases which are connected to menstrual hygiene.

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Some women still prefer using clothes over pads which are mostly dirty and very unfit to be used during those days of the month. Therefore, in many parts of the world, these women face severe physical health challenges just because they don’t take the menstrual hygiene seriously which can even lead to their deaths as well.

Menstrual Hygiene

So, how can the women take care of their menstrual hygiene?

It depends entirely on the women as to how healthy they want themselves to be during the heavy menstruation days. Some of them suffer periodic cramps which can be very painful at times, taking proper rest during this time is highly recommended.

Apart from that using hygienic pads or menstrual cups is highly recommended as they are sterilized and tested before being introduced into the market and thus, they are free of any unhygienic conditions. The Everteen Menstrual cup serves the purpose of both hygiene and safety of the women using it.

Though it can be a bit of unconventional at the initial stages of using it once you are comfortable with using the menstrual caps, you will understand its importance and benefits in a better manner.

Here are some such benefits which can help you understand why Everteen Menstrual cup is a better option for your menstrual hygiene needs

  • It is affordable; in case you find it difficult to afford period pads every month, this might be a budget-friendly alternative for you.
  • Contains more menstrual blood and the fellow tampons or even pads can hold, so no need to change frequently.
  • Are safer than the tampons and can be worn with an IUD too.
  • They are reusable and thus, environment-friendly too!
  • No problem with having safe sex wearing it on.

Final thoughts

Being on periods is the most common phenomenon in a woman’s life and being ashamed of that or shying away from talking about it does not quite make senses. It is a regular monthly change that occurs in every normal female and which is very necessary for maintaining her reproductive cycle in a better manner.

Using dirty clothes for the same is highly prohibited and nowadays the introduction of the menstrual cup has made the menstrual hygiene level up experience.  So, it will be foolishness if they don’t take care of themselves during these 5-7 days of every month, let alone others take care of them. Every woman must be careful and alert regarding everything related to their menstrual hygiene. Thus, choosing Everteen Menstrual cup during the heavy flowing days can be both hygienic and beneficial for every woman.


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