18 Great Congratulations Gift Ideas to Celebrate a Job Promotion


Getting a new job or promotion calls for a celebration. The best way to share jubilation with those who have achieved greatness in life is by giving them congrats gifts. I have realized that people usually have a hard time selecting a nice gift to congratulate others and that is why I decided to give you 18 kinds of congratulations gift ideas that will surely impress their recipients.

1. Cufflinks for Him

Cufflinks for Him
Source: gift.ie

Get him the gold or the silver cufflinks which can be engraved with name or initials to personalise the gift. This is a nice gesture to show how much he means to you.

2. Flowers

Source: sentflowers.com

You can’t go wrong with flowers in any given occasion. Flowers are meaningful and vibrant too. When choosing congratulation roses, pick flower gifts that are bright in color since this is a special occasion that brings an explosion of wonderful emotions.

3. Boss Mug

Boss Mug
Source: etsy.com

Mugs are classy and are traditionally found in any office. If you know someone who was just promoted to a managerial position, them the boss mug is the perfect congrats gift on new job gift. Choose a mug is made from fine bone China, to make it special.

4. A Business Card Holder

A Business Card Holder
Source: choroni.org

This sleek gift is found in any store and made from carbon fibre. To personalise it and make it even special, engrave with the recipient’s name. Or you can also engrave it with a simple congratulation message.

5. The First-Time Manager Book

The First-Time Manager Book
Source: pinterest.com

There is always a first time in anything, even being a manager. Show that you are proud with their achievement by giving them this nice, sleek, and stylish manager book.

6. A hand-painted blown glass

A hand painted blown glass
Source: favorthekind.com

It is time to make a toast for the new boss of the company. But where are the wine glasses? You can get him or her beautiful hand colour blown glass. You can get a set or just a single glass to gift the recipient.

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7. Italian Leather Wallet

Italian Leather Wallet
Source: pierotucci.com

If your man has had that big break and has been given that hard-earned promotion, you can get him this sleek, stylish leather wallet to show that you are celebrating their big achievement.

8. Italian Leather Briefcase

Italian Leather Briefcase
Source: Ebay.co.uk

Get a practical gift like a genuine Italian leather briefcase. This nicely designed accessory will help the recipient carry his or her tools of work like a laptop, note book, or any other work related stuff. The good thing about this gift is that you can get it in many shapes, sizes and color.

9. A Tipsy Wine Glass

A Tipsy Wine Glass
Source: vat19.com

Help you’re them celebrate their victory using this lovely tipsy wine glasses. These unique glasses make wonderful congrats gifts.

10. Feel like a Boss pen

Feel like a Boss pen
Source: fountainnetwork.com

Welcome the new boss to his or her new office with that special pen. Silver and black is the best colour for this gift. But that should not limit you; these pens are available in many different colors so choose the one you think will be their favourite. This is a very practical gift and they will be thinking of you every time they are in that office.

11. Gift Basket

Gift Ideas to Celebrate a Job Promotion
Source: worldmarket.com

Gift baskets are very popular congrats gifts. Prepare a lovely basket full of goodies for that special person who has just landed a managerial post in your company. The basket may be filled with delicacies or beauty products to make look beautiful in her new office.

12. Feel Good Bracelet

Feel Good Bracelet
Source: mvmtwatches.com

Get her that special gift bracelet that makes her feel like a million bucks. This is a gift that you don’t have to struggle so much with. It may be of stone or metal. Gold is a good choice since it rarely irritates the skin.

13. A Personalised Notebook

A Personalised Notebook
Source: amazon.com

For that great buddy of yours who has just scored big and landed and executive post in your company, a personalised notebook is a very convenient gift for him. Get him a leather covered notebook with a special message engraved on it or even his name.

14. A Lovely Dinner Dress for the Boss Lady

A Lovely Dinner Dress for the Boss Lady
Source: windorstore.com

For her, that lovely dress that she has always thought would look good on her is the best pick for a congrats gift. Choose a color that you feel she will like and present the gift wrapped in a nice box with a lovely congratulations flower bouquet ordered from a flower delivery.

15. Shoes for the Boss Lady

Shoes for the Boss Lady
Source: weheartit.com

Womenlove shoes and no matter how many pairs they have in their wardrobe, there is always room for one more. This is also another great gift that is very easy to find, just make sure you know her shoe size.

16. A Classic Leather Watch for Him

A Classic Leather Watch for Him
Source: mvmtwatches.com

A nice watch made from genuine leather straps is another perfect gift for that man who has landed a new job. Mechanical watches are the best since they are very classy and stylish. But if he is a geek, a digital watch may also work.

17. A Picture Frame for Both

A Picture Frame for Both
Source: carefact.com

A lovely picture frame for him or her will make a great congrats gift. Frames are available in many different sizes and designed so choose a unique one that blends with any theme.

18. A Bottle of Wine

A Bottle of Wine
Source: pinterest.com

To make them feel special, you can get one of the finest bottles of wine to celebrate this great achievement in life. Jobs are not easy to find nowadays, so if someone is blessed with one ensure that you are there to celebrate with them and they will return the favor.


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