Digital Impressions for Dentistry and Orthodontics


The digital impressions happen to be a ground-breaking technology with the help of which the dentists can create a virtual, computer-generated replica of the soft and the hard tissues in the mouth with the help of the optical scanning devices and the lasers.

The digital technology captures the clear and highly accurate impression data in just some minutes and hence is the hot favourite of any experienced dental surgeon. The best part is that this process does not even call for the traditional materials of impression that some patients find to be messy and inconvenient.

Many patients find the digital impressions to be a more comfortable procedure as the traditional materials for impression are avoided. The impression information is transferred to a computer and it is then utilised for creating restorations without the need of the stone models.

Digital Impressions for Dentistry and Orthodontics

Issues with the Old-School Impressions

The problem with the traditional impressions is that they don’t always come out accurate. At times they lack proper impressions, or they do not produce clear margins of the teeth. In any case, poor fitting appliances are the result of this kind of inaccuracies. This can result in the patient suffering from the soreness and irritation.

It can also happen that you do not feel comfortable having all the gunk placed inside your mouth. The traditional impressions may require the ingredients like zinc oxide, sodium alginate and diatomaceous earth.

But you should understand that these ingredients are safe. However, that does not make them comfortable.

Types of Digital Information Technology

There are primarily two types of digital impression technology available for the dentists to put to use. The images are captured as digital photographs in one type of digital impression while these images are captured in the form of digital video in the other type.

The images can be captured using digital scanning or lasers. The laser scanning uses concentrated light that is highly precise and absolutely safe. It captures all the details of the gums and teeth while eliminating the patient’s need to hold the distasteful and unpleasant materials in his or her mouth.

The digital optical scanners are also highly accurate and safe, but they call for the teeth to be powder-coated with a type of spray before scanning for ensuring all the parts of the impression are recorded in the proper manner.

Benefits of Digital Impressions

The digital optical impressions significantly enhance the productivity, efficiency and accuracy and make it possible for the dentists to email the virtual impression to the laboratory instead of sending a traditional impression or stone model via the regular mail. Also, the digital impressions can be used to create dentistry restorations on the same day and thus, pacing up patient treatment and reducing the need for the multiple visits to the office.

The other digital impression benefits include the following –

  • It involves less chair time
  • It offers improved impression and image quality for the better-fitting restorations
  • It is a less anxious and more comfortable experience for the patients and the dental team
  • There is no requirement for the distasteful impression materials that cause many patients to feel gagged
  • Patients almost all the time appreciate the state-of-the art dental care and new technology, so they get better informed and more engaged in the treatment as they can see the impressions in front of themselves
  • There is reduced possibility of errors while taking impressions and complete elimination of the material inaccuracies for fewer mistakes and restorations
  • The digital impression can be stored for an indefinite period electronically that leads to efficient record-keeping and promotes a paper-free environment
  • The scan of the teeth that is to be restored can be completed in just three to five minutes
  • It also supports eco-friendly and green dentistry and thus eliminates the requirement of the disposable plastic trays and impression materials which will be otherwise polluting the landfill space.

Now you have a clear idea about how the digital impression process has manifold benefits to offer and has come a long way from the traditional counterparts. This facilitates faster treatment results as well as greater comfort for the patient resulting in the improvement of the overall dental care procedure. So whenever you are thinking of going for teeth straightening or other orthodontic treatment at your nearest dental clinic that you can get by typing in “orthodontist near me” in your search engine, see to it that the clinic provides the facility of digital impressions for dentistry and orthodontics so that you can get the true value for your money.


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