Some Easy Ways to Maintain your Aquarium Glass Table at Home


Aquarium or other glass coffee tables are used as centerpieces in a living room or during events. Depending on the size of your living room, you can add either a small or large aquarium glass table. Aquarium glass tables are unique and make the living room or any space where they are placed to look elegant and attractive.

When you are in need of creating an attractive aquarium, you should ensure you identify the most recent and trendy design so that your interior décor can stand out. Buying this design of glass side tables for your interior décor can be challenging if you have never bought an aquarium before.

You need to understand the quality of glass that has been used in its creation, the durability and how to maintain it so that it looks as good as new after a long time in use. Maintaining a glass table is essential if you need to maintain an attractive and elegant look for your home.

If you are looking forward to upgrading your interior décor by adding an aquarium table, then this article will be helpful to you. It explores the different ways you can implement to maintain the aquarium glass tables in their proper shape. Let us find out more about the techniques used.  

Aquarium Glass Table

Cleaning the Aquariums Manually

Manual cleaning of any glass surfaces is considered effective since the cleaner can identify every spot that needs cleaning. Using the right tools and solutions, you can easily clean the aquarium glass table and maintain it looking as good as new. The following are some of the manual techniques you can use for cleaning both the inside and the outside of your aquarium glass table.

Using a Sponge to Remove Sticky Materials

A sponge is the easiest material to find within a home. Cleaning using a sponge can be done for the inside of the aquarium glass table. Using a sponge, ensure that you clean the inside by wiping slowly. Wiping the inside of the glass helps to get rid of any algae or small water plants that are building up on the sides of the glass. When using a sponge, ensure there is no chemical on it, and the water level of the aquarium is reduced to offer a comfortable space for easy cleaning.

Using a Rubber Scraper

A scraper is a tool that is similar to a squeegee and is sued for cleaning glass surfaces. Glass surfaces that are dirty with sticky substances can be leaned using the rubber scraper. To effectively use it, you should reduce the amount of water in the aquarium and run the rubber scrapper on the sides of the glass. This way, you will have a clean and clear looking glass aquarium. Ideally, when too much yeast builds up on your glass, you may have lower visibility which also makes it unattractive.

Introducing Algae Eaters to do the Work for you

 Many small animals can be introduced to an aquarium to help in removing g the algae attaching on the inside of the glass effectively. Most individuals introduce snails in the aquariums so that they can eat the algae from the inside glass surface.

Using a Modernized Aquarium Magnet for Leaning

Aquarium magnets are designed to help individuals who would not like to stick their hands into the aquariums. They are mostly made of rubber and plastic. They come in a pair with one being the handle and the other part is a rubber pad. When the handle is on the outside, the rubber pad is on the inside of the aquarium and runs across the glass depending on the movement of the magnet outside. This can help to regularly clean the glass tablesand rid them of any algae build up on the inside.

Wiping the Outside of the Aquarium with Ammonia Solution

 Ammonia solution is an effective cleaning agent which has gained popularity all over the world. A well-diluted ammonia solution can help in removing stains and maintaining the neatness and shiny nature of the glass sued for the aquarium. If you need removing stains from the aquarium glass coffee table, then you should consider using ammonia solution.

However, you should never use ammonia for cleaning the inside of an aquarium as it will result in the aqua life’s poisoning and eventual death. This should only be used for the outside surface which could be stained and looking unattractive.

Clean the Glass Surface Regularly in a Week

Cleaning regularly prevents the buildup of grease and other materials on the surface of the glass. Most individuals, who have an aquarium glass table in their homes, clean them in a frequency of at least three times a week. This is one of the primary techniques which help to maintain the table in good shape and look as good as new.


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