Feel the Halloween Vibe! 18 Décor Ideas Which’ll Suit Your Deck


Halloween will be arriving soon, and it’s never too early to begin prepping for its decorations. It takes a lot of time and energy to get the perfect setup of scary yet stylish.

Well, the outdoor deck is a perfect location to host the party. What say? If you don’t have one, then you still have time to install the perfect deck for the upcoming Halloween party. Before you go shopping for the material, you should know which is best – timber or composite decking. You’ll need a sturdy (for jumping), easy to clean (for messy eaters), and recycled (for good karma to head into the season) material.

Once you fix up your deck with these cool décor ideas, we’re sure the entire neighbourhood would stop by on your door. Your house will soon become the talk of the town, and everyone would get the Halloween vibe. Are you feeling motivated? If yes, then get a tour of 18 décor ideas, which will suit your deck.

Halloween Vibe

Pile up bales of hay

It’s that time of the year when cobweb in and around the house is socially acceptable. So, build up your buffet area from the bales of hay, and then cover it like a cobweb. For lightings, you can hang string lights or lanterns to create a scary atmosphere. Also, spread pumpkins and add a Halloween-inspired bouquet.

Shed batty vibes

Make this Halloween frighteningly cute by going batty! Create your entryway by adding black card stock bats, pumpkins, and ravens. In case your entrance is surrounded by trees, then hang all these things there. To create a focal wall, start hanging a black bunting garland, which includes spiders, cobwebs, and shiny mylar tassels. You can even DIY (Do it yourself) friendly bat cupcakes to give off some super Halloween vibes.

Get set go with creepy crawlies

You must be thinking about an eight-legged creature. Yes, you can place them at your entrance to shiver up your guests’ spine when they take the first step into your haunted abode.

Along with that, top a table with creepy terrariums. Arrange a few rocks or wood slice, adding some toy animals like frogs, snakes, and spiders. Cover them with a glass bowl turned upside-down.

Add a sense of humour

The wicked witch has fallen on the floor, but your deck will come alive with this décor. For that, place two to three baskets with a bundle of apples. On one basket, you need to secure two legs of a witch upside down.

For that, cut two pool noodles to leg size (30 inches tall), and fix it with duct tape. Stuff witch boots with batting and secure to legs by trying laces tightly. Last but not least, make a signpost with a phrase written “Poison apples for sale” and place it in another basket.

Gussy-up your mum planters

If you’re feeling stuck on your hunt for making your deck beautiful, then gussy-up your mum planters. Use your blooms’ shade as your crafting compass.

You can make an inauspicious black cat for violet planters and a bright-eyed toothy monster for marigold plants. To terror-stuck passer-by and your Halloween guests, create a ghastly ghost planter.

Stay out

As you’re throwing a party on your deck, create a (un)inviting entry and warn your guests of the monsters that lie within your house. You can cover your door in a green table cloth (bright), fashioned with wooden planks in a zig-zag manner.

Design it mimicking the look of nails and caution tape to add an extra-layer of spooky touch. You can finish the look with big googly eyes, spider webs, and words “Stay Out!” in black paint.

Add a traffic sign

If you’ve steps toward your decking, then line the staircase with pumpkins. Give one pumpkin a black colour as it will bring some darkness into the mix. After that, make a small Halloween theme “traffic sign” and put it in a pot of plants. You can write any scary or funny taglines on that sign.

Set the dining table

Table decorations and centrepieces are sure to make it an unforgettable evening. So, consider placing a black and white striped tablecloth to add a contemporary playfulness to the mood.

Try to go green with the items on the table like dripping candles, brooding florals, and Halloween motifs.

Add orange-coloured pumpkins as they are also going to get all the love. Additionally, glue little ants to your green napkin rings to be freaky, but not too much!

Hang DIY ghosts on railings

Add creepy fun with DIY ghosts to haunt your front yard! You can make it with a simple white or lace cloth. The lacy one would probably look the chicest spirit ever.

The bonus is, they’re super easy to make. You can watch tutorials on how to make DIY ghosts. In the end, do not forget to add eyes and mouth with shepherd’s hook. Place this beautiful ghost on your deck railings.

Haunt the sitting area

If you’re arranging seats for sitting, then haunt it in different ways. On the back of the chair, create an over-sized spider web, crafted out of rope.

Attach skeletal hands at the behind of the bench with heart, thumbs up, and peace signs for a whimsical feel. Keep some colourful pumpkins on the side of chairs or benches. And create a friendly ghost by painting inexpensive wood planks.

Try a fire and ice projector

Give your deck a fiery and icy light effect with bright and energy-efficient LEDs. They’ll rotate into any position and can stake easily into the ground. It comes in different colours so you can select any of your favourite ones.

Through an LED projection spotlight, you’ll be able to create a mysterious Halloween atmosphere. Also, your front door will look more like a portal to somewhere extra scary.

Create a graveyard

Call it a Halloween graveyard, cemetery, or yard haunt; it needs to look scary and funny at the same time. So, this year, join the fun, break out the creative kid inside, and learn to make a DIY graveyard.

Take some plywood and give the shape of tombstones and colour it with either white or black. You can even create cute and spooky characters like mummies with a little humour. Spread some pumpkins around the graveyard and do get the ghost to make a huge impact.

Keep a haunted mirror

Terrify your guests with a shocking and eerie haunted mirror. You can either DIY or purchase it online. For DIY, tear letters (BEWARE) out of your newspaper and lay them on the mirror with light double-sided tape.

Spray the surface with a matte finish spray, and remove the letters after drying. You can even buy a 3D mirror with scary sounds. When your guest stops to check themselves in the mirror, the motion sensor is activated, and a face lights up with sounds.

Recycle empty wine bottles

If you’ve leftover wine bottles at home, then you can include them for ghoulish home décor. You can either paint it black and design scary faces or design cobweb on it or turn them into candlesticks and spray ghostly faces on it. Moreover, you can use it to make scarecrows by including raffia straws for hair. To enhance the charm, you can also put LED lights inside the bottles.

Place jack-o-lanterns

Who says that you can make jack-o-lanterns from real pumpkins only? You can roll papers on the standing lights and make faces of scary characters on it to make jack-o-lanterns on your pathways. Put some fall leaves surrounding the lights to make it look like a haunting place. You can even hang ghosts and skeletons to greet your guests as they make their way up the path.

Make a candy holder

Create a dazzling and stop-and-stare candy holder with a pumpkin. Honestly, it would be a unique and useful craft, which you can create with the help of a large real and faux pumpkin.

All you need to do is mark a hole on top of the pumpkin and paint the entire pumpkin with black chalk paint. If you’ve opted for a fake pumpkin, then sand down any rough edges. Before the guests start entering, fill it with some candies, and write a message with chalk (Take One).

Let the headless host serve

Why lose your head over serving food when an ill-fated horseman lost his in your stead? Create a harrowing, headless cowboy of your own with a cute, hand-lettered sign to the serving table.

After that, add a cape around the horseman, and pile leaves around his feet to disguise the stand. Attach a pumpkin to the right-hand glove and stick the signboard on his chest (Serve yourself).

Make a pumpkin pole

Is your deck looking happy, sad, or painfully uncertain? Create an expressive pumpkin pole to keep your neighbours on toes. Paint it with three different colours and add felt faces to faux pumpkins to welcome trick-or-treaters and Halloween guests to your home.


We hope that the above ideas will get you pumping and excited for a Halloween night. As you know, time waits for no one, so plan your spooking party at the earliest. Not to mention, arrange your scary costumes, and have fun with your guests.


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