Get A Vivid Idea On How To Clean A Gutter


Gutter is a water channel made up of copper, aluminium, or any other metal. Gutter is used to carry rainwater in the roof to any open area. Downspout is another thing that can be found at the corner of the house. These need cleaning at regular intervals.

Here Are Some Of The Ways Of Gutter Cleaning And Downspouts.

Cleaning Downspouts And Gutters

Gutter Cleaning

The roof gutters are considered as one of the important parts of the roof. The gutter installed on the roof is made for flowing of rainwater that has accumulated on the roof during rainfall. There are chances that gutter may filled with leaves, and debris, which hinders the operation of the gutter. Gutter is filled with leaves and debris in the spring and autumn season. Both can be cleaned easily with the help of different tools as follows

  1. Ladder
  2. Bucket with metallic handle
  3. Leaf scooper
  4. Garden hose
  5. Plumber’s snake

The first thing a person has to think is the procedure of collecting the leaves and other matter present in the gutter that is locking the water flow.

Damp Content Present In The Gutter

Cleaning a gutter having damp leaves and debris is a tedious task and following methods are used to clean it.

Scoop And Drop

This gutter cleaning method includes the scooping up of leaves and putting it on the tarp present on the ground. This method is considered as the fastest one but the person has to move it with the ladder and scoop out the leaves.

Gutter Bucket

This is a very common method of gutter cleaning. Hang the bucket onto a hook and put the debris that is scooped out of the gutter. The person has to go up and down a lot of times to clean the debris.

Dry Content Present In The Gutter

Cleaning dry content is easy in comparison to the damp one. Gutter bag method is the best one to clean.

Gutter Bag Method

Gutter Cleaning

Hang the bucket with the help of a handle to a hook. Cut the bucket from the bottom to make it bottomless. Attach a trash bag around the bucket and tape it. Put the trash in the bucket, which will automatically fall in the trash bag.

Cleaning Gutters

After the removal of debris, the next task is gutter cleaning. Besides scoop and bucket, people can also use trowel, garden spade, spatula, etc. The cleaner should not lean down while cleaning and go to that portion below which going is not possible. The ladder has to be moved frequently and the cleaner needs to be very careful in this task. A tall stepladder is sufficient for a single storey house. A two-storey house requires these ladders for extending and reaching higher areas.

Cleaning Downspouts

After cleaning the gutters, the next thing to clean is downspouts. Remove any horizontal pope from the downspout. Place the hose from top opening where gutter is connected. Now check the flow of water. Take the following steps for cleaning.

  • The opening of the downspout should be packed, and hose should be sealed tightly.
  • Turn on water spigot to create a lot of pressure.
  • In case there is any clogging, remove it with the plumbing snake.
  • After cleaning, check the water flow again.
  • Check the horizontal pipes for any clogs.

These are the ways in which gutter cleaning can be done along with the cleaning of the downspouts. This will let the water flow easily and there will be no accumulation of water on the roof during the rainy season.


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