All You Must Know About Wearing Contact Lenses


Experienced contact lens wearers are ready for any incident, even on the go. But especially with the first contact lenses, the question often arises: What should I take with me when I am on the go with lenses? This checklist for beginners gives a quick overview.

Contact Lenses – What Do I Have To Take With Me?

For everyday life, only a few accessories are needed to deal with contact lenses. On the way, you mainly need the things that enable you to insert and remove contact lenses, clean them and keep them. This includes:

  • Your contact lenses
  • Suitable storage box for hard or soft lenses
  • Cleaning fluid and care products
  • Contact lens sucker
  • Contact lens solution for storage
  • Replacement glasses in your prescription

What Do I Need A Contact Lens Vacuum For?

A contact lens suction device – also called a hollow suction device – is not necessary to insert the contact lenses. Many contact lens wearers simply place the lens on their fingertips to place it on the eye. However, there are a few reasons to use a hollow suction cup:

The suction cup is more hygienic – there are always germs on the fingertip that can get into the eye by inserting it with your finger.

  • The contact lens can slide off your fingertip and fall onto the floor or into the sink where it becomes dirty or, at worst, gets lost in the drain.
  • Beginners in particular often have inhibitions about touching their eyes with their fingertips – the suction cup helps to overcome the initial resistance.
  • With the hollow suction cup, contact lenses can be removed just as easily and hygienically.

Why Should I Take Glasses With Me Even Though I Wear Contact Lenses?

Contact Lenses

The answer is straightforward: Because you may have to take out the contact lenses on the way, for example, if the eyes become irritated or red after a while, burn or tear. You could even lose a lens. This is a crucial point, especially for drivers: without contact lenses or with just one lens, you are no longer fully fit to drive. If it is noted in the driver’s license that it is necessary to wear glasses or contact lenses for roadworthiness (glasses / CL), a suitable visual aid must be worn when driving – because of the risk of an accident.

What Else Is Useful On The Go?

If you tend to have dry eyes, you should definitely carry neutral eye drops, because if the eye gets too dry, the contact lens can come loose and fall out. This is particularly the case for long car journeys or air travel – the passenger cabin generally has a very low humidity of only approx. — 10 %. If you are travelling by car, you should make sure that the air jet of the ventilation is not directed at the face, because the constant airflow also dries out your eyes.

On The Go With Contact Lenses – An Overview Of The Necessary Equipment

  • The basic mobile kit always includes a storage box, care and cleaning fluid and a storage solution.
  • A contact lens suction device can make sense as a hygienic insertion aid.
  • Contact lens wearers should also always have glasses with them for emergencies.
  • If you tend to have dry eyes, you should carry eye drops to keep your eyes moist enough on the go.


Contact lenses and glasses are a good team. For many, they mean more freedom of vision to lead an active and dynamic lifestyle, for example, when doing sports or on vacation. Besides, they stand for a pure, unadulterated look: no one can tell that you are wearing glasses, because contact lense enable a natural look without glasses.


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