Debunking 5 Common Myths About Ducted Air Conditioning


In this highly sophisticated world where the internet has opened several choice options for us, we can easily invest in any product without investigating further in details about the product that we consider buying.  Gone are the days when customers were easily exploited by the retailers and wholesalers. In this advancing era, customers do a lot of research before they take a step into the real market. Whether it is purchasing new clothes or buying a new appliance, a quick and thorough information should be obtained online. Although we have an abundant source of information, we sometimes fail to know the real facts of everything.

Similar is the case when it comes to buying a ducted air conditioning system. Despite we have several options available today; our minds get filled up with several misconceptions regarding the installation of the heating and cooling system. This not only restricts us from obtaining viable benefits but also impacts the performance of the appliance we choose to install at our place. Ducted conditioners are quite preferred today; however, the misconceptions restrict one from availing fruitful benefits.

Find The Facts Of Common Misconceptions Of Ducted Air Conditioning.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Set The Thermostat To Cool Down The Space Faster:

No sooner we enter the house in the hotter days, we start setting the thermostat to cool down the area so that we can get chilled air faster. However, we fail to notice that the ducted air conditioning system takes its own time to reach the comfortable temperature. Irrespective of the thermostat setting, the central unit would take its own time to cool the area every time we start using it. If you increase the temperature frequently, it may increase the running cost and even impact the performance of the appliance.

Bigger AC Unit Is Better:

The size of the air conditioner matters the most. However, it is not particularly the size, rather the unit which determines whether a ducted air conditioning is ideal for your house or not. An improper size of the central unit might lead to quick wear and tear and for that you might have to bear unexpected expenses.

Close The Vents Of Those Rooms Which Are Not In Use:

Generally, we think that it would be a waste of energy if the vents are kept open in those rooms which are not used. However, you should keep the vents of the ducted air conditioning open even if it is not in use. When vents are closed, it could lead to an improper balance of air distribution. When vents are closed, cooling is done only within the ducts, rather covering up the interior part.

It Doesn’t Matter If Thermostats Are Placed Differently:

Ducted Air Conditioning

A thermostat is used for controlling the temperature. However, its placement greatly impacts the energy-efficiency factor of the ducted air conditioning system. Although it is placed according to the convenient adjustment, however it is suggested to place in the interior walls so that it can function properly for a prolonged period. Also, it’d be better to avoid placing furniture above or below the thermostat.

Duct Tapes Are Better To Seal The Ducts:

When it comes to installing a ducted air conditioning system at your house, insulation and sealing are the two most important factors that you should take care of. Duct tapes are not ideal to seal any forms of leakage. This is because the tapes do not stick appropriately and do not last long.  If your house is too old, these adhesives are not an ideal option to seal the ducts.

Any form of leakage in the air ducts might hinder the comfort factor to a great extent. If the installation is done appropriately, there is a balanced distribution of cool air throughout the house. For a better understanding, you must, at first, compare the types of ducted ACs and choose the one which fits well with your budget. Know your requirements and the facts to ensure the efficient performance of the ducted air conditioning at your place.  Make sure its quality does not deteriorate over time just because of the mere misconceptions.


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