Get Enviable Lashes by Following These Eyelash Extension Care Tips


You finally decided to brighten up your glare by getting those desired eyelash extensions. As you may know, though, those extensions won’t last forever. That’s why we’ve gathered the best eyelash extension care tips to help those voluminous lashes last longer.

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Eyelash Extension Care Tips

Wash Your Lashes

One of the top ways to care for your lash extensions is to clean them. You might think that you’ll be shortening their durability by cleaning them, but it’s the contrary. Cleaning them will help to remove bacteria and grime that get caught in between your eyelash extensions. 

But, you shouldn’t just use any ordinary face wash. Invest in a special eyelash cleanser that will help clean your eyelash extensions without jeopardizing them. It’s preferable to look for one that is oil-free, and that contains natural ingredients, such as the one on

If you just got eyelash extensions, it’s best to wait 24-46 hours before washing them or wetting them. After that, your lashes will be officially waterproof.

Brush Your Lashes

Your lashes can get tangled or matted, especially after a goodnight’s sleep, which is why brushing them is exceptionally vital. The best way to brush them is by using a clean mascara wand. After cleansing them, brush them in a gentle, upwards motion. 

Another way you can prevent them from tangling is by using a silk or sating pillowcase. It’ll help your lashes from being pulled or tugged. 

Don’t Touch Your Lashes

Keep your hands off your lashes. Anything like rubbing, scratching, or plucking should be completely forbidden if you want to make your eyelash extensions last longer. Plus, not only can you accidentally pull them out but also, you will also increase the risks of catching an infection by touching your eyelashes. 

Also, after washing your face, dry your eyes by patting them gently instead of rubbing. This way, you’ll prevent the lashes from shedding. 

You also shouldn’t be too worried if you engage in activities that involve lots of contact with water. Sports such as swimming are safe but, if you’ll be exposing yourself to salt-water, it’s recommended to wear goggles just in case. 

Get Your Refills

In order to keep your lash line full and lush, stick to your refill appointments. Ideally, you should get refills every two weeks, but it all depends on your budget and circumstances. However, if you do wait too long, your lashes will shed more and gaps will form in your lash line, and you might have to get a whole new set. 

Follow These Eyelash Extension Care Tips

By following these easy eyelash extension care tips, you’ll undoubtedly be able to lengthen the durability of your lashes. It might require some time and effort but, by taking good care of your lashes, you’ll be able to show them off for longer than you expected!

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