LOVE YOUR LASHES: 6 Ways to Take Care of Your Delicate Eyelashes


Your eyelashes are delicate and important. Although their function is not as immense as that of other body organs, nonetheless, they perform what they are made for. Sweat, dirt, and debris falling from your forehead or from any direction going down are prevented and prohibited to enter into your eyes because your lashes are on guard. 

These delicate eyelashes are more than what you think they are! At the same time, there could also be ailments and discomforts you might experience and acquire if your eyelashes are harmed. That’s why you must always keep in mind to take care of them well. 

To aid you with that, below is a list of the 6 things you can do to keep your eyelashes safe and healthy.


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Who said your eyelashes do not need cleaning? They actually do! When you wash your face every day, see to it that you also cleanse your eyelashes. Most certainly if you wear makeup daily, you should know that this is a crucial way to stay healthy physically. 

There are cleansers and makeup removers particularly made for the eyes. Get them for yourself, so you would not need to use just any facial wash you see in your bathroom. A product that does not have any stinging side effects is the top pick to care for your eyes in general.


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Your choice of cosmetics also has something to do with taking care of your eyelashes. Make sure you avoid oil-based products as much as possible. Oil causes clogging which leads to the growth of skin blemishes such as pimples and acne and also other eye ailments. Furthermore, as you know, harsh chemicals that can be dehydrating and damaging must be avoided. 

Read labels and learn what’s in your makeup products. Understand what your tools are made of. Are they safe for your skin? Your eyelashes and eyelids might have a negative reaction to what you use. Choose wisely by reading, searching the web and asking reliable people so you will be informed about makeup content and your skin type and conditions. 


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There are countless makeup tools and products you use. One of the most common and most popular items is the mascara. It gives you a different kind of allure, right? Some people cannot leave the house without wearing it. Just like anything, however, there are disadvantages in using mascara. They are most often based on how it is utilized.

Daily application of mascara can be unhealthy for your lashes since they are left with a pigment. If you are using old mascara, you will have a problem right there. 

When you apply it on your eyelashes, they become stiff. The mistake comes in when you remove it harshly or when you do not remove it before going to bed. The roots of your lashes become weak. When your lashes turn brittle, they are prone to falling out. With irresponsible mascara removal, you might scratch sensitive areas of your eyes and lashes.

You have to improve the way you use your mascara. If the subject is just mascara itself, there would be no huge concern because it is made for a meaningful and beautifying purpose. It’s all about how you use it. 


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Eyelash extensions have become a thing, especially in the makeup and fashion industry because they undeniably add to the already fabulous styles and look out there. Even ordinary people in their day-to-day lives use these to enhance their physical appearance.

Not to mention, lash extensions do bring a different kind of charm to those who apply them. They make your natural eyelashes thick or thicker and long or longer. Your eyes are given emphasis, and you are giving favor to your skin by reducing or skipping makeup use. 

The downside enters in when the application and the removal of eyelash extensions are not proper. False eyelash extensions, which are typically self-applied, must be carefully put and especially removed. If not, you might pull out your natural lashes. 

Meanwhile, you can go to a professional lash bar if you want a sure and safe eyelash extension placement. It’s the best option because you will be given the right instructions and essential tips in taking care of your eyelash extensions.

Moreover, if ever you experience any trouble, you can go back to the lash salon to have them fixed.

For removal, you can come back to them too. Expert lash technicians know what to do, so you have nothing to worry about. Just the aftercare goes to your hand. 


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When your eyes and any area around them get itchy, you rub with your hands. You should do it gently or not at all. When you start scratching, you get satisfied, but there is a huge tendency that you will not get enough of it, so you will keep rubbing. 

Always remember that excessive rubbing is dangerous. It can cause lashes to get pulled out and to fall out. Do not be too vigorous when you are working on your eye areas. They might get irritated. Besides, your hands are usually dirty for being used often, so it’s really not safe to often rub your eyes with too much force.   


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Using eyelash curlers is a favorite of many ladies, but you should always be careful with this too. Again, gentleness is a special key. Do not squeeze your eyelashes too hard to curl them. They might weaken and fall out. 

Never forget to sanitize your eyelash curlers before and after you use them. Bacteria might be growing and living in them, and you keep using and lending them to your friends. That’s unhygienic and very unhealthy. 

Limit eyelash curling, especially when it’s not that necessary. Let your eyelashes live as they are too. If you do it daily, your lashes might thin out and breakage eventually. 


When you take care of yourself, it means taking care of every detail, big and small. Your eyelashes look like a small part of your whole body but they are significant as well. These delicate body hairs have lives that protect and that must be protected too. Love your lashes, and be good to them. Do not just make them pretty; keep them healthy. 


For Nicole Ann Pore, people’s eyes do a lot to imply a person’s mood and health condition. It is important to keep them healthy and beautiful. She writes about taking care of them together with their many parts, as well as the enhancements that people do on their brows and lashes that affect how their eyes look like. Nicole is a daytime writer for BrowCo Eyelash Extensions & Eyebrow Shaping, an Australian company that offers eyelash extensions and eyebrow shaping services. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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