Get Rid Of Your Unwanted Period Leaks with the Everteen Panty Liner


The condition of menstruation is the part of every female’s life which cannot be controlled under any circumstances (unless you are pregnant, menopausing or did not hit puberty yet) no matter how much nuisance it brings with itself! It is the law of nature that every woman would bleed once a month in normal conditions.

And thus, being high on the menstruation care is highly recommended for every woman no matter in which age group they belong to! While we have no control over this condition, we can definitely get control of how healthy and hygienic we remain during our menstruation days.

It is at times that females complain about menstrual cramps, heavy flow, period stains, etc. when they are menstruating and so, being careful about how should you take care of yourself during this time of the month is verily needed.

everteen panty liner

It does not come calling!

Well, almost every female can relate to this condition; periods don’t come calling! You can either get it before time or after, sometimes too late or too early and sometimes on time when you are lucky enough!

So this is one very infuriating condition that every female has to face which certainly puts them in a condition of stress and anxiety, mainly if they have to go out of home every day due to studies or work purpose.

When you don’t know the exact time of when you are getting the periods, it becomes tough to go out as because you always have to worry whether or not it has arrived because of the reason of getting stained in public.

While you have no control over this issue, with the Everteen panty liner you are at least entitled to save yourself the embarrassment of getting stained in public! With its fresh and natural formula, you are sure to have an extraordinary feeling even if the period shows unexpected arrival timing!

To conclude

It is natural for every woman to bleed once a month and there is nothing one can do about it! But what’s unnatural is the timing of arrival of the period. While it is naturally clocked to be returning within a month, it may be delayed or fastened by some few days (or weeks at certain instances) due to various reasons.

While it is absolutely normal to not get the period on the exact date every time, it is not so normal to suffer anxiety due to it if you have to go out during the menstruation phase. That is why you must brace yourself with this awesome panty liner by Everteen which leak proofs your sudden period arrival alongside taking care of other vaginal discharges and urine leakage as well.

We must understand that menstruation is natural and being able to lead a happy and carefree life is every woman’s right without having to worry about their whereabouts during the time and Everteen looks after that very well!


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