Global Report On Food Crises(GFRC) 2020

Global Report On Food Crises(GFRC) 2020

The Report is published annually by the Global Network Against Food Crises, an international alliance working to address the root causes of extreme hunger.

The Global Network Against Food Crises was launched by the Food and Agriculture Organisation(FAO), World Food Programme(WAP) and the European Union during the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit(WHS).

GFRC provides an analysis of the drivers that are contributing to food crises around the globe, and examines how the COVID-19 pandemic might contribute to their perpetuation and deterioration.

Key Highlights

  • As per the short term outlook for 2020 Yemen will remain the world’s worst food crises.
  • GFRC highlights that various factors such as conflicts, weather extremes and economic turbulence have pushed 77 million, 34 million and 24 million people into extreme food insecurity conditions respectively.
  • The report shows that drivers of food crises, as well as lack of access to dietary energy and diversity, safe sanitation, water and health care will continue to create high levels of child malnutrition, while COVID-19 is likely to overburden health systems.


  • Advocate for political action,
  • Promote high quality data collection and sharing,
  • Rethink food and agricultural systems etc.


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