Styrene Gas: Poisonous Volatile Organic Compound

Styrene Gas

Styrene gas is an organic compound with the chemical formula C₆H₅CH=CH₂ (Derivative of Benzene). 

It is stored in factories as liquid, but evaporates easily if exposed to temperatures above 20o C.

Styrene gas is used in the manufacturing of synthetic rubber, plastic packaging, disposable cups, latex etc.

Various Laws Dealing With Such Mishaps

  • Environment Relief Fund

A central fund under Public Liability Insurance Act 1991, was set up to provide immediate relief to victims of such accidents.

  • Environment Protection Act 1987

The Central government has notified Manufacture, Import and Storage of Hazardous Chemical Rules 1989 and Hazardous Waste(Management, Handling and Transboundary Movement) Rules 2008 for regulating hazardous substances.

Under it Styrene gas is classified as “Hazardous and Toxic Chemical”.

  • Doctrine of Absolute Liability

Under this, enterprises engaged in hazardous or inherently dangerous activities shall be liable for compensation if any accident in its operations results in escape of toxic substances.
In the wake of this tragedy, the Ministry of Environment is set to bring out a safety protocol for reopening of industries.


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