How Can You Be Sure If Your Husband is Cheating on You?


To be on the receiving end of a treacherous relationship is incredibly painful. It’s unbelievable sometimes that your husband is actually cheating on you. But as a wife, you will know when something is not right in your relationship. Statistics reveal that wives who suspect cheating are correct 85 per cent of the time. It’s unfortunate, but your suspicion might be correct.

So, when you discover red flags in your relationship, it’s necessary to confirm them as soon as possible. Hiring a private investigator should be your next step to make sure if your husband is cheating or not. A private investigators’ agency like Elite Investigations will help reveal the truth and also gather substantial evidence in case you want to go for a divorce later.

If you see any of the signs below, you would need a private investigator.

private investigator

Sign 1:  Your Partner Is Too Busy On The Phone

One of the obvious signs is a change in your husband’s phone habits. Whenever his phone rings, he moves to another room to answer. His phone, which used to be open for you, is suddenly password protected. He will also delete his messages and phone log compulsively. If he gets quiet when answering your questions about the unknown numbers on his phone, then it’s a point to note. All this could mean that he wants to hide something from you.

Sign 2: Changes In His Behaviour And Mood

His sudden mood changes could be from work stress or any other financial problem, and they go away on their own. But you see him being indifferent, lazy, or bored in the house for no apparent reason. All the things that he loved doing at home with you don’t excite him anymore.

You will also notice a nervousness in his expressions, as a cheating spouse is full of guilt, which he tries to hide. To cover up his guilt, he may start giving gifts to you without any occasion. To cover up his guilt, he may start giving gifts to you without any occasion. You will sense that your interactions with him are not the same, and he feels distant. Experts at Elite Investigations point out that emotional withdrawal is a warning sign that something’s not right in your relationship.

Sign 3: Lack of Physical Intimacy

Changes in sex life are gradual, and it’s a normal process. But if you find sudden breaks in your sex life, your husband must be getting his action somewhere else. You will notice, he has stopped being fun in the bedroom and is not attracted to you.

There is a lack of physical intimacy, and he has stopped touching, holding hands, or looking at you. Your husband is always lethargic and shows no interest and excitement even if you initiate the action. Another sign could be too much expectation from you and telling how less adventurous you are.

All this could be a hint that he is seeing someone else and comparing you with her. Of course, there could be any simple reason for the change in your husband’s demeanor that has little to do with cheating. But if the red signs are way too many to ignore, it’s better you get things investigated. The earlier you find the truth, the easier it will be for you to decide about your relationship’s future.


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