The Best Vanity Designs for Makeup Lovers


Want the secret to making getting ready ten times easier? A dedicated vanity. A vanity allows you to spread out all of those makeup, skincare, and beauty products, so they’re all in reach.

Whether you have a vanity table in your bedroom, your bathroom, or have a whole dressing room, a dedicated vanity space is a must-have. Keep yourself products and yourself comfortable as you get ready each day.

The best part is that you can create your own vanity with only a few pieces. Add a stylish vanity design to your space, and getting ready will feel like an event. Here are some must-try vanity designs.

Vanity Designs

Luxe and Glam

Channel Old Hollywood glamor with this vanity design. If you love pampering yourself and living a life of luxury, then this is your vanity style.

Choose a vanity table with lots of space to spread out your products and tools. If it has drawers for extra storage, that’s a plus. You can also look for features like a glass top table for an extra flare.

Old Hollywood glam is known for the light-up mirror, so this is a must to complete this style. You can find one in-store or make it yourself with a few supplies. Finish with glitzy accessories to tie the look together.

Simple Chic and Sleek

Maybe you’re a fan of a cleaner display, so choose a minimalist style with chic accents. The best thing about this vanity design is that it can fit well with various interior styles.

Since it’s a simple piece of furniture with most of the personality in the accessories, you’re able to easily make this your own. Play with the accent colors and textures to create something unique.

Start with a sleek vanity table in a neutral color like black, white, or gray. Add a matching mirror and drape it with soft string lights. From there, you can add in your personality with flowers, makeup organization, and a vanity chair.

Designer Display

Are you proud of your makeup collection? If you are, why hide it in a drawer when you can put it on display? This vanity design gives you the chance to feature your favorite products, so they’re easy to reach as well as decor.

You’ll need a vanity table as well as a set of narrow wall shelves to finish the design. Attach the wall shelves on either side of the vanity to create a display.

Add small strips of LED light under each shelf to light up the product below it. Now comes the fun part of decorating the shelves. Add your favorite products, pretty bottles, and brushes for a unique display dedicated to your makeup.

Refreshed Vintage

If you feel like you were born in the wrong decade, express that through your makeup and vanity. This is for the girl who loves history and period dramas.

For her vanity, choose an antique piece that’s one of a kind and from that historical era. You can find these kinds of pieces at thrift stores and antique shows.

Once you bring it home, you can refurbish the piece to its former glory. Finish with other vintage pieces like a mirror, curio box, and maybe some vintage-inspired makeup.

Vibrant and Funky

Do you like experimenting with your makeup, like trying old bold eye shadow colors and bright lips? Then you need a vanity space that matches the way your express yourself.

Choose a blank canvas for your vanity so you can put your touch on it. Here is where you get to be your most creative. Pick out bright paint colors or bold tiles, or a few images to use in a collage.

The possibilities are endless if you treat this like another piece of art. Accessorize the vanity top with decorative objects full of personality.


Boho is a very on-trend style currently, and it’s not going away any time soon. This style is all about embracing natural textures and soft colors.

Your boho vanity setup should utilize materials like rattan, cane, and wood. Think earth and muted tones when choosing your color scheme. Greens, tans, dark oranges, and blush pinks are all stylish colors in this trend.

Add in natural accessories like leafy green plants, bamboo brush, holders, and macrame wall hangings.

Pretty in Pink

Who wouldn’t love a bright pop of pink when the color makes everyone so happy? Embrace this fun-loving color with an all-out design on your vanity. You can start with a white vanity and transform it through a little DIY.

Choose three or four shades of pink to work with. Pick one to be the main color, another to be the complementing color, and the last two will be accent colors.

Now is the time to be creative with your design. Accessorize your vanity with pink brush holders, flowers, and trinket trays.

Elegant Dressing Table

Elegant design is all about timeless beauty, similar to the way many do their makeup. With an elegant dressing table, you don’t need a lot of flashy features. An open space to prepare your makeup is what’s most important.

Create this style with a marble-toped vanity table. A classic white marble with dark veining never goes out of style. Accessorize the vanity with timeless pieces like a mirrored trinket box and decorative standing vanity mirror.

Use glass containers to keep your brushes and organize your products in drawers underneath.

A Must-Try Stunning Vanity Design

The days of leaning over your counter trying to get close to the mirror to see are over. Sit in a comfortable chair with all your products organized around you. It’s time to relax while you get ready with a vanity.

All of these vanity ideas could upgrade your space. But there’s one must-try vanity design that’s perfect for you. Create that design in your bedroom or bathroom and level up the way you get ready each day.

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