How to change my AdSense account on YouTube?

YouTube AdSense
  1. To access the account’s settings page, click the account under “Accounts.”
  2. Next to Associated AdSense Account, click Change.
  3. As directed, follow the YouTube Channel and Google Accounts steps.

How to apply YouTube AdSense?

You must first ensure that your channel is monetized before applying for YouTube AdSense. Toggle on “monetization” in your video’s advanced settings to achieve this. Ads will not be displayed in certain nations or territories if it is not possible for them to do so (for example, because of legal restrictions) while they are displayed in other locations. Once you’re done, select either “Show non-skippable advertising,” “autoplay videos with sound,” or both by clicking the Monetize tab!

Visit this website at choices to learn more about YouTube AdSense.

Please complete this form with the following details in order to apply for Google AdSense and receive permission on your account order to monetize your YouTube channel:

–The URL of your website, such as – The language used on your website is English. A contact phone number where we can reach you: a non-Google or non-Google Suite email address Tell us approximately how much daily traffic your website receives on a monthly basis.

What Is AdSense?

A particular kind of advertisement called AdSense can be seen next to or in between videos. When you click an advertisement, YouTube makes money and distributes it to your channel. Even if the user doesn’t watch your video, YouTube still pays you for any ads that are displayed before it starts.

Google may pay us $0.01 per view up to a maximum of $300 per month if they decide that our site is valuable enough for one of their profitable positions (high traffic). However, there are more marketers than those few highly desirable spaces, so the likelihood of us obtaining them is quite slim unless we are already well-known figures like Smosh or PewDiePie (unless that changes in future years). Additionally, since AdSense doesn’t function on mobile devices, no one is able to create films just using their phones.

Advertisers have the right to complain to YouTube about objectionable material they may have seen on your channel or in one of your videos (even if you did not submit it). If enough advertisers complain about a problem, YouTube will stop letting you monetize your channel and delete all of your adverts.

We must answer any complaints made by advertisers and make the modifications they require if we want our adverts to be restored after being taken down for violations. The time period before reapplying ranges from 30 to 90 days, depending on the severity, although for some businesses, such as McDonald’s or Walmart, which only let specific kinds of videos, it can be up to 180 days.

Only those advertisers who have YouTube accounts and have agreed to the advertiser rules can access the flagged video. We are unable to flag our own content; instead, it must be reported by an outside source. Once reported by a third party, a copyright violation warning will appear on your YouTube channel’s AdSense page. You must respond to this notification or remove any advertising from the offending video until the advertisers’ requests for change have been satisfied (if violated). If the ad firms’ requests for changes are acceptable to you, make the necessary modifications within 15 days and then get in touch with us to ask for monetization once more.

What Is YouTube AdSense?

On YouTube, there is an advertising program called YouTube AdSense. [But what actually accomplishes it?] (Blog post link) – It’s an internet advertising platform, so as a creator you can run ads that are related to your content.

– You decide where (video or channel page), who should view it, and how long they should see it for.

–If a user clicks the advertisement, Google will pay you depending on the number of views the advertisement received while it was running on all devices in countries like Canada*, Australia*, and Brazil* (* excludes Japan). That includes, among other things, desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets. 

– Additionally, you can make money from sharing partner playlists with your followers and from YouTube Red subscriptions. AdSense has a tight restriction on the kinds of content that are permitted, so be sure to follow the guidelines strictly to prevent suspension.

How to link a new AdSense account to YouTube?

From the left menu in your YouTube Studio account, choose Monetization. Click START on the Sign up for Google AdSense card on the left menu. When prompted, enter your YouTube account password and confirm your identity again if necessary.

Can I have 2 AdSense accounts?

AdSense regulations only permit one account per company. If you’re trying to fix a problem with several programs, we’ve included some tips below to help you.

Can I change my AdSense bank account?

Your AdSense account’s payment address cannot, unfortunately, be changed. You must cancel and create a new AdSense account if you have moved to a new nation or territory.

How do I change my website on AdSense?

Sellers: Enter your current AdSense account credentials, then select the “sites” menu to delete your domain or website.

 Buyers: Restart the AdSense sign-up procedure with a fresh account. You must then wait for Google’s clearance.

Can I link two YouTube accounts to one AdSense account?

Using the same AdSense account for many YouTube channels is possible. All you need to do is link the appropriate AdSense account to your YouTube channel. You’re free to add as many as you want!

What is a linked AdSense account?

To monetize your own website, you can upgrade the AdSense account connected to your YouTube channel if you’re a YouTube Partner. AdSense will inspect your website, analyze it, and let you know when it’s ready to display adverts. It’s time to update your AdSense profile if you don’t see a Sites page.

How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

A webpage can have up to 1000 impressions of adverts, and Google AdSense pays per each one. You can earn more money the more adverts that are shown.

How to make money on YouTube without AdSense?

Without using AdSense, there are other alternatives to monetize your YouTube channel. You have the option of selling your own goods, promoting those of others, or obtaining corporate sponsorships.

Can I change my AdSense address?

Changes to AdSense addresses can be made by users who have a Google Account and are logged in. Users must access the “My ads” tab and select the “Edit” option next to the AdSense profile in order to do this. Users can change their AdSense address by entering a new one in the given box after clicking the edit button.