How to Cut or Trim Your Own Hair Men? DIY Tips in COVID-19


Coronavirus is what the planet is talking about at the instant. The pandemic has created a way of panic among individuals as they struggle to stay them safe following measures to stop themselves from getting the deadly virus.

As of now, countries with major COVID-19 cases are following strict measures to contain the spread. India, China, France, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, and therefore the UK have declared lockdown.

Men are awakening in isolation, looking within the mirror and realising their hair has grown way extra and possibly missing their well-trimmed beard too.

Google revealed the searches of ‘How to cut your own hair?’ has spiked over the past week. Men are specifically searching for quick tips and tricks to be ready to cut their hair while quarantining during this article below, we’ve mentioned easy and useful tips, attached with tutorial video to guide you on the way to cut your own hair.

So how you’ll keep it up top of your hair maintenance if you can’t access salons?

OK, now that you simply know what you would like, it’s time to collect your tools. you’ll need:

  • a big mirror, wall mirror will be a good option
  • a pair of scissors
  • an electric clipper/trimmer
  • good lightning

Below is attached a tutorial video on How to Cut Your Own Hair for Men

Staying at home might sound unfair, but the reality is that our regular routines presumably will not be same we cannot leave the house now. So where no person and no service can meet your needs while self-quarantining self grooming can be the best idea.



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