50 Best Styling Ideas for Senegalese Twists


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Senegalese twists are one of the famous hair braiding styles all around the world for two reasons – one; they protect your natural hair and two, they look stunning not only on black women but on every female.

Also known as rope twists, these braids are well-known for their versatility. You can have any hairstyle highlighted with braids. You can also colour your hair with your favourite shade without looking unnatural.

Moreover, the installation time is less, and with the different types of hair extensions available in these braids, you can have reusable hair. And the best part is, they are inexpensive.

You can style your hair however you want, as these twists don’t damage the roots of the natural hair. You don’t have to apply heating tools to tame your unruly hair. Usually, these twists take up to 5 hours to install. However, they last for a month, provided that you give proper maintenance to your hair.

The only thing that may concern you is, in Senegalese twists, the ends may loosen and often appear blunt. You may feel heavy after the installation depending on the length of the extension you chose. But with proper care and using an efficient edge control cream, you can smooth down the edges to have an elegant and polished hair.

50 trendy ideas in Senegalese twists

Styling Ideas for Senegalese Twists

Originated in Senegal, a country in Africa, these hair braids look stunning, and you can customise them even more, from one of the following 50 styling ideas:

1. Half-up, Half-down rope twists

It is a half-updo that is easy to make, looks lovely, and is perfect at those times when there is high humidity, especially in summers. It keeps the baby hair out of your face, keeping you fresh always.

2. Senegalese-inspired ponytail

A ponytail always gives a sleek and sharp look to your face. And combined with Senegalese twists, it can look more elegant. It’s perfect for any occasion.

3. Bun with two half braids

Style your twists with a bun on top. But don’t stop there. Make two braids by partitioning at the back. This hairstyle looks cute and is ideal when you are going on a girl’s day out.

4. Senegalese updo

It is the style that looks perfect for formal and special occasions. Fix all the twists on the top of your hair and secure it with several pins, to get a classy look.

5. Thick Braids with a top knot

Make thick Senegalese twists and secure them all on your head with a top knot. It not only looks simple but also the shape of your twists looks clear.

6. Pop a red colour into the bun

Do a high-updo by colouring your twists with red. It looks bold, calm, and gives you an edge. And the best part is colouring often will not damage your hair.

7. A side-braided hair twist

Fix a side bun by loosely braiding the twists to get a cute look. It is best suited to the teens and young girls who wish to have a day out with their girl gang.

8. An elegant braided bun with burgundy

Burgundy twists look luxurious, bold, stylish, and is the hairstyle that’s best suited for special occasions. Keep those twists loosely on your back or do a high updo.

9. Senegalese Two French braid

Senegalese twists look great when you add two braids on either side. It’s another funky hairstyle that matches the quirky side of you.

10. High ponytail with grey braids

Grey is not the colour of old anymore. The light-coloured streaks look perfect with twists, and when you do a high-ponytail – you look smashing.

11. A twisted ponytail by half-up, half-down style

Make a half ponytail on the top and leave free the remaining twists. Go and impress him with this hairstyle that looks perfect when you go on a date.

12. Do a half-updo with red twists

Here comes the red again, but this time try the twists in a half updo. Leave other twists in a loose or high ponytail. You look hot in red by styling your twists in any fashion.

13. Palm-tree inspired ponytails

A palm-tree inspired ponytail falls all over the place, but it is perfect for gracefully showing your twists. Try this when you are feeling funky.

14. Tiny Senegalese twists

Tiny hair twists resemble a rainfall pouring on your back, and they look fashionable for your daily routine. It’s super ideal for young females to make a lasting impression.

15. A high-twisted red ponytail with shaved bottom

This style looks flawless on those brave girls who want to look fierce. Add a little more edginess by shaving the base in your favourite pattern.

16. Pull the twists high with a purple shade

Purple is a colour that looks cool and looks flashy when you want to stand out during concerts or stage performances. Make an updo to add more elegance.

17. An elegant sizeable top-knot bun

Create a big top bun on your head to create a bold and fierce look. It is the Senegalese hairstyle that looks ideal on adult females. Colour your lips with a deep shade of red to complete the look.

18. Side twists braid with a side updo

Make a side braid and do an updo at the back of your ear. It looks cute and chic, especially for those girls who are looking forward to having a fantastic date night.

19. Do a half-updo with some twists loosely hanging

Always leave room for experiments by keeping some twists free at the back and with remaining half, do an updo or a half-pony freely.

20. Two-colour Senegalese twists

If you are not the kind of person who wants to colour the whole hair, then pop the colour to the portion of your hair. It transforms your overall look without standing you out too much in the crowd.

21. French-side braid

Who doesn’t love a side braid? And combined with Senegalese twists in a French-styled braid will attract every eye towards you. It looks trendy, modern, and gives you a chic look.

22. A high-bun twist

It is another updo style that’s suitable when you are going to a formal party or work-related gathering. Gather all your twists on top your head and do a big updo. You will rock the look of professional women.

23. Mickey-mouse inspired twists

The twists look fashionable and quirky if you do a mickey-mouse inspired hairstyle. Part your twists in the middle and do two buns on either side of your head. It’s perfect for bringing out your mischievous side.

24. A professional updo

It is another work-wear updo where you twist the bun on the front side of your face. It will surely earn you respect and admiration when you wear this updo.

25. Middle-parted &two braids updo

How about doing two updos by parting your twists in the middle. This hairstyle frames your face and gives you the ancient and classy look, but still makes you look trendy.

26. Blue hair twists

Be flashy, courageous, and bold by shading your twists with deep blue colour. Not all can rock it, but if you do, then you are the luckiest. It’s the best hairstyle when you are giving any stage performances.

27. Accessorise your updo with a band

Add metal jewellery to your hair to have a festive or party look. This is great for night time parties or beach gatherings. You can show off your stylish side and by being elegant at the same time.

28. A loose French braid twist

Let those twists loosely hang in a back French-styled braid. It is ideal for those who want to laze around the streets doing window shopping. Looks stylish and you can be in your comfort zone.

29. Two updos

Why not do two updos – one at the top and other at the back. It will be like having two crowns and is perfect to have an excellent first impression when attending a party.

30. Blonde Senegalese twists

Colour your twists in various shades of blonde to have a summer beach look. It makes your face shine and show off your twists while walking or surfing on a beach.

31. Accessorise your twists with a ring

There are many accessories to decorate your hair. Try chords, pins, rings and put them into one or all of the twists. It makes your hair look gorgeous and unique.

32. Pink Senegalese twists

Pink is another chic and flashy colour. Go for shading your twists with pink when you are feeling feminine or want to fight for a cause.

33. Extra-long twists with a side partition

Are you in the mood to have a long hair? Then try long Senegalese twists with a side partition. It makes you extremely feminine without being too flashy.

34. Fishtail braid with twists

A fishtail is not a new thing. And with Senegalese twists, it gives you simple look and also keeps you modern and trendy.

35. Make the ends curly

Make those ends curly to give a shape to your twists. When you don’t want to do any style, you can keep your twists free by curling the ends.

36. Summer Senegalese twists

To rock the perfect summer look with Senegalese twists, do updo’s, buns, half-pony with touch of colours like blonde, platinum, baby blue, etc.

37. Brown and blonde twists

This is another hairstyle where you can mix two colours. Having warm brown shades with light blonde mix gives you a fresh and unique look.

38. An updo with several twists

Do an updo by twisting those Senegalese twists several times. It gives you a sophisticated and an edge over others when you are attending a party or ceremony.

39. Large Senegalese twists

Large or jumbo twists are the best when you show off the twists vividly. Add gold cuffs, cords to finish the look when you are going for a hangout.

40. Triangle-scalp Senegalese twists

Your scalp is divided in triangles, and then the twists are made. This look is perfect for those ladies who want to set the trend and want to look unique in every way.

41. Bold-blue hue on twists

Go for a vibrant royal blue on your twists to look elegant, posh, and sophisticated. Pair the colour with the medium-sized long twists and complete it with a red lipstick.

42. Long, thick with middle or side partition

Chunky twists accessorised with chords and pins to look chic on any event. Do a middle or a side partition for an added elegance.

43. Half-bun, half-loose twists

Do a half-bun on the top and keep the remaining free to ace the chic look. It keeps your twists away from your face while letting you have a free-spirited appearance.

44. Not thin, not thick twists

Don’t like too small or chunky twists? Then opt for medium-sized twists that look elegant in all events. Add colour or accessorise them to elevate the look.

45. Super tiny twists with a high ponytail

Try these super little or macro twists when you are not in the mood for having bold twists. Do a high-bun ponytail to ace this hairstyle.

46. Go blonde with medium twists

Here comes the blonde again but in the medium-sized twists. Try this look when you are attending a beach wedding. Pair it up with a long sheath gown to ace the look.

47. Chord accessorised twists

Put a single twist in a chord and do a deep-side partition. It looks perfect to have a pleasant stroll in the park or a typical shopping day.

48. Half-bun triangle twists

Try triangle scalp twists and pair it with a half bun or updo. It is one of the quirky styles that focuses on the naughty side of you.

49. Deep red twists with a side partition

How often do you colour your hair? If you do it frequently, then go for a deep red hue this time on your twists to rock a winter-perfect look. It will be a striking contrast to the chilly weathers.

50. All-white twists

White resembles peace and free-spirit. So, when you have these twists, you will look not only flashy but also look lovely if you have a dark skin tone.

Conclusion So, these are the 50 trendy ideas in Senegalese twists. Next time, when you are buying Senegalese hair extensions, remember that with these ideas, you look beautiful and can make a lasting impression on others.


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