Top 10 Hairstyles For Girls For A New Twist Of Glamour


Hairstyles for girls are aplenty and more of them keep coming in every year and every season. However, with such variety available, it often becomes challenging for one to pick the best girls hairstyles around and make a unique style statement while looking as glamorous as ever. Just hold on! If you are facing the same issue as well, here you have a list of top hairstyles for girls that will certainly give you a whole new twist of glamour. Let’s check out what’s on the list and see how each of these hairstyles will turn up on you.

Bride Hairstyles

  1. Twistback Flip Under Hairstyle

Even though it’s a pretty simple hairstyle, and works best in those quick-fire situations where you are rushed and don’t have any time to style your hair, it is quite unique and has a perfect vibe. The hairstyle features beautifully twisted hair brought together at the back from each side and then it is twisted and flipped under to achieve a unique look. The ponytail looks just perfect in the overall scheme of things.

  1. Heart Braided Hairstyle

Even though it is unique, it’s not the hairstyle to wear in your daily routine. This is one of the best haircuts for girls 2018 that takes the form of a heart-shaped braid towards the back of the head. Perfect for special occasions, the wonderful look is actually achieved by parting the hair in the center and then braiding the hair from each section to form thin braids that angle towards the back and combine together to form a beautiful heart shape. Tie it all together in the centre and you have a wonderful braided hairstyle ready for you. The rest of the hair is left open and it really looks great.

  1. Twisted Waterfall Braid

Yet another cool braided look, nobody can deny the cuteness and attraction that comes with a waterfall braid. Style your hair in a typical waterfall braid making it join in with a bang coming from the front and going all the way to the back. The rest of the hair will form a horizontal waterfall shape and join in on the beautiful Bob hairstyle to make a completely unique effect overall.

  1. Upward Lace Braids

Lace Braids always make for a wonderful look and if you have to style your hair in an all unique manner and get that touch of glamour that we have been talking about, this one is surely a go-to hairstyle for you. Create a typical lace braid upward and bring braided hair from both sides of the head to join at the back before securing it with a colorful bow clip. It will look amazing overall.

  1. Braided Hair Bun

Hair buns usually come under the typical and simplest of hairstyles for girls but even that simple hairdo can be given a unique twist of style. Yes, you can always go for a braided hair bun which is a typical bun except for the fact that it is braided. Pull hair from all sides of the head tightly and form it into a beautiful braided bun at the back of the head. It will look just amazing.

  1. French Braided Headband

You might have had some of the best French braided hairstyles but this one is all unique and different. The hairstyle requires you to form a beautiful headband with a typical French braid right at the top of the head. Pull back small sections of hair at the front and clip them under the hair before creating a thin braid right on top. The rest of the hair looks amazing all swept to a side. Try this gorgeous look whenever you like and have fun.

  1. Twists Side Pony

Girls with long bob hairstyle can have an all unique look by trying this twists with side pony look. The hair is parted from a side and three small braids are made to go over towards the bigger side and then combined together before twisting it into a beautiful side pony. It is a unique look and not many can be seen wearing it.

  1. French Braid Halo

You may have heard of the braided crown hairstyles; the French braid halo is pretty similar as well. The hairstyle actually boasts of a nice French braid that starts at the front and goes swirling around the head at the top to form a beautiful halo that is all twisted into the beautiful white ribbon to create a glamorous look for any event. It’s just gorgeous.

  1. Bow Bun Hairstyle

If you are sick of those typical hair buns, you can go glamorous with this beautiful bow bun hairstyle. It’s simple; you just have to pull the hair back and form a beautiful big bow right at the crown to replace a typical bun. Overall, it looks just stunning.

  1. French Braided Ponytail

Give your typical ponytail a new twist of style with this beautiful French braided ponytail. For an even glamorous look, start braiding it at a side and take it all the way towards the back to form a perfectly amazing French Braided Ponytail. It will have a perfect look.

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So, for an ultimately glamorous look, just pick one of these beautiful hairstyles for girls. They all have their own unique vibe and appeal, and will surely give a boost to your overall style.


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