Why Custom Boxes Are Best Suitable for Online Merchants?


Custom boxes are same as the normal boxes; the only difference is that the online buyers prefer custom boxes which are printed and customized by the sellers for their buyers according to their individual need. They recommend these products to their family members which are totally customized and have branding. You need to understand that you can’t do everything on your own, so you will need a good company dealing in custom boxes so that your purpose can be fulfilled. You should look out for fulfillment companies because they deal in shipping and packing of the online orders and they can handle all your requirements, or you can simply ask them to prepare custom boxes.

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Printing Options Available For Custom Boxes:

There are two main printing options available for custom boxes out of which first is known as a customized box that is specifically made for you to fulfill your specific requirements and the other one is a regular stock box which has certain kind of designs and logos.

  • Customized boxes are best suitable for sellers who want to give a beautiful unboxing experience of their products and its cost vary in color, size, and printing which seller want to deploy on boxes.
  • Printed stock boxes are best suitable for sellers who are looking to give an amazing unboxing experience to their customers but at a lower cost than customized boxes.
  • If you want to give a branded unboxing experience than you should use either custom designed boxes or printed stock boxes.

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Things You Should Know Before Printing Custom Boxes:

You should first prepare your budget before thinking about custom boxes because if you are looking for fully customized boxes then you should be ready to pay much higher cost than printed boxes because companies providing these boxes add on some extra charges for these customized boxes. They also add cutting and dye charges so you need to ask if they have the same size of the box which you are looking for so that you can save a good amount of dye charges. You should never approve the production job before you get a sample for the printed box.

If your requirement is less, then you may have to pay higher charges because this intervenes with quantity. If you are looking for example 1000pcs then you will require paying a much lower amount than you could have pay for 100pcs. If you have a pre-planned budget and you can estimate your sales, then you can save a lot of time and money in custom boxes. If your company is small and if you are using only one or two types of boxes, then you must use customized boxes as they can prove to be a big hit for your company in terms of branding.

And if your company is medium or large and using different sizes and types of boxes then you have to take a larger quantity to reduce your production costs otherwise you have to pay high charges.


After reading this article you must have derived an idea regarding the importance of custom boxes for online vendors and the shipping companies. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors so you should not worry whether it meets your specific needs or not. In a country like Australia where there is a large number of online suppliers and fulfillment companies you just need to search online about buying custom boxes for your company and you are good to go. You should read this article to know certain things which are needed to be discussed before placing an order for custom boxes.


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