9 Secrets For Planning Your Dream Wedding


You said yes! The question has been popped and the fella got the answer he wanted; now you’re on the other side of antsy anticipation, and that’s great because you know where you’re going. On the other hand, however, you might be freaking out because you have no idea where you’re going! Of course, we’re talking about wedding planning and organization. Once you start thinking about it, you become aware of how many things you have to do… and how many things can go wrong. So here’s our advice on planning your dream wedding that can make it amazing and unforgettable.

Dream Wedding
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Make a Checklist

No matter how (dis)organized you normally are, even if you hire a professional wedding planner, you have to have quite an elaborate checklist. There are some tasks that can only be carried out by you – like finding the dress and the perfect hairstyle! Tasting cakes shouldn’t be left to someone else either! Set monthly targets to meet and that will help you spread your tasks throughout the period leading to the wedding, and also not feel overwhelmed.

Do Your Research

So you know you have to choose a color scheme – spend hours online looking for inspiration. Same goes for the dress, the venue for the wedding, and all the things you listed on your checklist! The Internet is a vast resource, especially Pinterest, but don’t forget wedding magazines as they often feature original stories and designs. If there are wedding showcase events in your area, make sure to pay them a visit with a notebook and several good friends!

Don’t Be Shy About Gifts

It might seem rude to openly discuss gifts, but today it’s not a bad manner anymore. Think practically: without any guidance, you might end up with two ovens and four blow dryers, and of course your guests had your benefit in mind! One option is to ask your guests for cash that you know will be used towards appliances in your home or a vacation; if that seems too intimidating, try preparing a wedding gift list. Many retailers are more than happy to provide a way for you to come up with a list that you can send out to all invitees. This solution makes everybody a winner!

Pay Special Attention to Speech Givers

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You’ve seen it either in the movies or in real weddings: speeches can make it or break it. Some people, no matter how close they are to the bride or groom and how much they love them, just aren’t that good at speaking in public, and that’s what a wedding speech is! So choose carefully who will give a speech at your wedding. It should be someone who knows you, but also knows how to crack a joke, and you’re positive won’t embarrass you.

Make It Scream “US”

And we don’t mean that in a tacky way. We just want you to feel yourself on your big day. It’s easy to end up in a whirlpool of expectations and norms and forget that each wedding is individual to the couple who organizes it. So celebrate your love, emphasis on your, and introduce little details that are personal to the two of you.

Find a Perfect Photographer

Your wedding is a day to remember, and you need to have real material memorabilia to remember it! Even with the best of planning, you’ll spend a good chunk of the day in a haze, and you certainly won’t be able to be everywhere at all times. You need to find someone whose aesthetics you like, and whom you can trust. Photographers like Daniel Griffiths are specialized in dreamy wedding photographs and can promise and deliver high-quality photos that will take you back every time you look at them!

Plan Like a Team

wedding planning
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Many brides have this crazy idea that it’s them who care about the whole wedding planning, while grooms should just stand aside and appear on the wedding day. Doesn’t that make them more of a guest in a way?! A wedding is a joint ceremony celebrating two people, so the planning should also be a joint effort. Include your partner in the planning. Even if he thinks it’s boring, you’ll soon discover he will care deeply about the venue, theme and so on!

Get a Makeup Trial Run

This is often overlooked because brides believe their make up artists, and there’s nothing bad about it, of course! The end goal is to find someone you trust. But another goal is to actually test your look of the day, because no one likes unpleasant surprises, especially on their wedding day. Getting a trial run makes it possible to discuss your option and try something different that will work for you. Basically, it’s like a form of insurance for the bride.

Don’t Forget the Important Things

The most important thing during planning? Remembering why you’re doing it in the first place. You’ll be planning a big event and it might end up with you freaking out about the right shade of the cake icing. Take a step back and remember what your wedding day is actually about. You’re about to make a lifelong commitment to your loved one, and remember that every time you’re on verge of stress over something that, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t that important.

When the big day arrives, take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy. You’ve done your best – with these tricks, you’ve minimized risks for something to go wrong – now go smile and get hitched!


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