How to Get Higher Price Quotes for Your Property in Scottsdale


Due to the massive difference between demand and supply of homes, the property prices in Scottsdale are constantly rising, and the trend is expected to continue for the next 12 months. If you plan to sell your Scottsdale home and want to get a higher price quote, you need to work with a real estate agent in Scottsdale.

According to recent data, a large number of homes in Scottsdale are sold for the list price. However, the data also mentions around 36.5% of Scottsdale homes were sold above the list price. Here are a few ways to get higher price quotes for your property in Scottsdale.

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Spruce Up Your Property

As per recent data, the average price of properties in Central Scottsdale was up by 32% compared to last year. The data also mentions that around 119 homes were sold in September 2021, and the median price of a Scottsdale home was around $800,000. A well-maintained property gets more attention from buyers than a shoddily kept house.

When you decide to sell your Scottsdale house, you need to apply a new paint coat on the interior and exterior to give your home a facelift. A new paint coat adds to the freshness in the look, and the property evaluator is more likely to get positive vibes by looking at your house.

You need to ensure the property is clean. Hire professional cleaning services to make the property more presentable to prospective buyers.

Energy Conservation

Homebuyers are more interested in buying green homes and willing to pay a higher price for them. As per September 2021 data, hot homes, including green homes, can be sold above 2% of the list price. To make your house environmentally friendly, install LED lights and smart meters. If possible, your real estate agent in Scottsdale may suggest structural modifications that will allow more natural light to seep inside your house.

Install Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) rating appliances in your house that will entice an environment-conscious buyer to quote a higher price for your sustainable house.

Pay Heed to Immediate Repairs

As per recent real estate sales data, around 41.5% of Scottsdale homes are sold above list price, and around 12.2% of homes witnessed price drops. One of the reasons for home price drops is the house has broken air conditioning systems, furnishings in bad conditions, and the bathroom fittings are damaged.

If you want to increase the worth of your Scottsdale house and get a higher price quote, you should get immediate repairs done before listing your house for sale. Many people think these repairs are very costly, but a real estate agent can get it done at an affordable price and can help get a higher price quote for the property.

You should pay attention to creaking doors, plumbing issues, burnt-out bulbs, and dents in wooden surfaces. Getting the repairs fixed before listing the house for sale will give you an edge in price negotiations, and the buyer may agree to pay a higher amount than the list price to get ahead of other prospective buyers. To sum up, these are a few tips to get a higher price quote for your Scottsdale house. A real estate agent can guide you in making necessary changes to your house to attract more buyers.


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