How can Blind People Enjoy Sports and Games?


Sports offer a sense of belonging and connect you to a wider world. It is common for people to throng to stadiums in large numbers to support their favorite teams and watch live matches between teams. Television also broadcasts live streams of these games that allow people to watch the game live.

Have you ever thought about how blind people enjoy sports and games? If you don’t know, here is the answer.

Blind People

Sports Podcasts for Blind

Blind Surfing Podcasts

The blind surfing podcasts give you a description of the event. The idea behind is to help the visually impaired understand and admire the power of the ocean. The podcast host is a blind person who focuses on different aspects of surfing.

The host invites special speakers who talk about different games for blind people, including water sports. The podcast mentions blind people participating in activities related to water sports. The speaker talks about different institutes and facilities for visually impaired people that help people enjoy water sports.

Blind Football Podcasts

If you think the football game is only for the sighted people, you are wrong. The Blind football podcasts talk about games for blind, including football matches where blind people play. There are special podcasts for Euro Football tournaments where the host describes the games as it happens.

The blind listener might not have the game’s visuals but knows what is happening on the field. The listener (visually impaired) reacts to the scoreboard like any sighted person.

Tournaments on the Radio

Many countries continue to broadcast sports tournaments on the radio. These broadcasts can help blind people follow the match played on the field. The detailed commentary on the radio helps the listener imagine the situation on the ground, and their imagination is closer to real visuals.

Listening to radio broadcasts allows a blind person to enjoy sports and games just like anyone else.

Out of Sights Dragon Podcasts

The Out of Sights Dragon is a dragon boat team whose paddlers are visually impaired. Blind people can listen to its podcasts to know the complete tournament story. The sports organization uploads podcasts related to training and different episodes for the boat race.

You have options to hear podcasts from different blind hosts and enjoy the boat race. Each podcast has a playtime of 19 to 20 minutes, where the host gives you an elaborate description of the events at the boat race.

Blind Tennis Podcasts

As per recent data, there are around 300 blind tennis players worldwide who participate in blind tennis tournaments held in China, Russia, South Korea, and other parts of the world. Leading sports organizations provide audio podcasts for the blind during tennis tournaments.

Blind people can access these podcasts live or in the recorded audio files downloaded to the devices. By listening to these blind tennis podcasts, the visually impaired can know how the game progressed to the result.

To sum up, non-voluntary organizations working for the upliftment of the blind community offer blind audio podcasts of famous sports tournaments that help the visually impaired enjoy sports and games like sighted people.


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