How to Maximize eCommerce Sales Using Email Marketing


Email Marketing is targeting your present and future potential customers through personalized emails, promotional emails, free usage coupons, and other online methods that may help to retain loyalty and create new brand loyalty.

One of the most profitable marketing mediums used by a number of brands, enterprises, Trade houses, Corporates, and industry segments is email marketing.

Right from PPC advertisements to creating launch and promotional emails, the email marketers have explored ways and means to bring on table the best products and services.

Researches, analysis, world stats reveal email marketing is the next big thing – not only that it contributes over 24.0 of the total sales.

In this article, we will try to explore a few steps that will enhance opportunities and generate better and effective results in overall sales volumes.

Time to explore the exploring marketing tool.

 The List

Prepare the target list.  But how?

If the e-commerce site is already generating sales, then we do have the first list of “buyers” who have already experienced the products and services.

The next list can be prepared by using ”pop-ups” on your website. These pop-ups are discount coupons that may entice a potential customer to   “buy” your products and services and then while doing so, will mention their email address.

Give away “free content” alongside the products on offer. These offers complement the product. For example, if the site is selling cooking related products, entice viewers through opt-in box or pop-ups, to get a free copy of the recipe book or tips of the kitchen! The buyer will certainly share the email address.

If there is a blog post or any other online review that have generated a good positive response and visitors, it would a good idea to use “content upgrade” and offer download link with access to some  “top 20” information related to the site. For example “click here to download the Top 20 mobile handsets for 2020”, for some who is selling mobile handsets.

Online competition generates a lot of interest. Participants will willingly share their email address to participate in a competition. This is always a success for creating that email database.

But you also run the risk if irrelevant database who are only participating for the free prize but have little or no interest on the actual products and service on offer.

Running ads that support sale products can capture email address immediately along with doing sales.

Running ads with “free content” offers also attract potential buyers who will share their email addresses.

Most of these above methods should have auto-responders to help connect with the potential customers in the first go.

Incentivize consumers to when they subscribe to your emails.

Remember to personalize all emails!

Campaigns that will help sales

Once the email address list is ready, we then need actual buyers!

In order to that, we need to run email promotional campaigns.

To catch the initial attention and generate interest, the first campaign can be the “welcome” campaign.

Studies show that new potential subscribers read a “welcome” promotional campaign almost 42% more than they would read a regular promotional campaign.

This “welcome” email campaign should be used as a  big opportunity to entice clients to buy a  product or services or at least go through the entire product catalog to check on what’s on offer.

“Welcome” email campaigns may include exclusive coupon codes for first-time buyers.

The next campaign can be a seasonal campaign. These can be related to a   festive season.  For this work, you may need to align your product to suit the needs and wants and desires for that particular festive season. This needs to be customized to that season.

“Cart abandonment” emails are used to target those potential clients who had taken time out and invested those time to place products for your site into their “cart” but eventually did not purchase and exited. 68.8% of online shopping carts are abandoned and 29.9%of the cart abandonment emails help to recover a potential lost purchase.

Send emails out whenever you something new in stock, “new arrivals”! This may generate a lot of interest in terms of trending.

Each product and service may have a display of consumer reviews and testimonials that help a consumer make an informed decision.

While a consumer is browsing through your site, allow consumers to create a “wish list” of products that could not be purchased.  These products once available can be emailed to the consumer as a special and exclusive notification.

Up-sell and cross-sell via emails by sending emails for another product relevant to a product that is already purchased.

While sending receipts of purchase emails, use this opportunity to create existing offers since consumers have high probability of opening the receipts of purchase.

If a product has a replacement period, use this opportunity to send reminders and offers over email.

Segment  your buyer’s list

Segment the list based on the buyer’s purchasing behavior. Refer to their browsing history.  What do they buy? What do they frequently buy? When do they buy? Frequent buyers? Dormant buyers? Refer to other actions they have taken while on your site.

By studying this behavioral pattern of your consumer, you may customize the emails to increase the chances of purchasing.  Remember, consumers now days are flooded with irrelevant emails, and making this effort to understand a consumer’s behavior pattern will help stay relevant and increase chances of recollection. 31.6% of the people will mark an email as spam since they feel that the email is irrelevant to them.

By staying relevant, you increase the chances of attracting potential new consumers.

Emails tailored to consumers’ needs have more chances of being converted to actual sales.

“Less is more”! Send less emails but relevant emails that are tailored to the needs.

  Loyal customers should be awarded gift cards or exclusive coupon codes.

Re-engage old customers with offers and bring back loyalty.

Recognize your customers.

Study the behavioral pattern of your consumer while going they were at your site even if they have not purchased anything.  Follow this up with links to similar products and services on offer, which the potential consumer was exploring while at your site. This will enhance their shopping experience.

Ask your email subscribers as to what products and services they are interested and what they want to receive.

Privacy Regulations Compliance

As an online retailer, privacy and safety standards should allow and give confidence to your consumers to share their email and addresses and make online purchases. Being prepared for cyber-attacks and complying with online privacy policies should be one of the top priorities.


Ensure that emails are device friendly across devices.  It should be easy to navigate. 55% of the emails are read on mobile devices.

Referral Program

Incentivize your consumers with referrals. A simple email mention the stepwise referral program may click wonders. Every consumer likes a   free gift or a coupon or cashback.

Insight Data

As an online retailer, you must use email marketing as an effective tool and use the strategies effectively.  All efforts should be made towards brand recall value. Every touch points in any email formats are “moments of truth”. They all matter.

The email layout, content, relevance, design, layout, ease of navigation, frequency, each and every aspect as their importance towards consumer behavior towards a brand.

21% of the consumers will open your email 33% will open your email based on the subject line itself. Do you decide what you would want to opt for?


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