4 Gadgets Every New Mom Will Love


Becoming a new mom can bring a world of unexpected changes. Aside from the complete transformation of your lifestyle, your time, patience, joy, and well-being will all be tested as you enter into motherhood. However, becoming a mom is such an amazing gift that we can easily forget all the challenges and instead, do anything in our power to secure the happiness and safety of our new bundles of joy.

Whether you’re a single mom or you’re raising a child with a partner, there will likely come a time when you’re days are busy and your hands are full.

You’ll have little time in the day to focus on anything other than your baby and if you do, it’s probably for a well-deserved nap.

But what if I told you that there are gadgets and tech innovations out there that can make all those challenges easier on you? Well, luckily, there’s plenty.

Hatch Baby Rest+

Every mom will have to learn the very particular “science” of soothing and relaxing their child when they become fussy. From sleepiness, hunger, teething, or built up colic, your baby will cry and whine out of frustration.

Before, the only fix for this was time. Rocking a baby until they fall asleep was the best method for soothing. These days, however, new moms can take advantage of the capabilities of sound machines to speed up the process.

Sound machines are composed of prerecorded sounds and melodies that are made to relax a child. Typically this will include, white noise, rain, the sounds of a moving car, or soft nursery rhymes.

There’s no particular sound that works for all babies so it’s important to find one that works specifically for yours. A popular sound machine in today’s market is the Hatch Baby Rest+ machine.

This one in particular is filled with an array of features and options of sounds, night-light colors, and even alarm clock capabilities. While it is great for its basic features, it is well-liked for its use long-term as well.

Some moms have used the machine for its nightlight and alarm clock until their child was up to 2 years old.

Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion

As mentioned, a common condition that causes fussiness in babies is excessive colic that comes from feeding your baby. This can make your baby extremely uncomfortable and in some cases, it may not be something that you can easily fix. This is why a baby soother such as the Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion is so important to have.

The cushion can be attached to most bouncers and swings or be used on its own. Its oscillating and vibrating technology allows it to mimic the feel of the baby being held.

It moves slowly and has an artificial “heartbeat” as well so that your baby is less likely to pick out the difference between you and the machine. The position of the cushion allows the baby to be on his or her stomach; ultimately ensuring that colic can be comfortably released and relieve your baby.

Not only does this speed up the process of soothing your baby, but it also allows you to free up your hands until your newborn falls asleep. Then be sure to take them to their crib as the cushion isn’t meant for long-term sleeping.

Owlet Smart Sock 2

Monitors are a necessity for any mom sleeping in a room separate from where their baby sleeps. Whether you’re using an audio-only or audio and visual monitor, they’re both very important to have to ensure your child’s safety when they’re alone. While you’ll still likely need one of the two, you can also try an unconventional monitor that has capabilities outside of the typical audio and visual.

The Owlet Smart Sock 2, for example, may be perfect for any mother of a child that is susceptible to SIDs or any other underlying health condition.

With the use of pulse oximetry, the sock can monitor the heart rate and oxygen level of your baby. It then sends this information via Bluetooth to a home base which most parents keep by their bedside. If the base is lit up green, all is well with your baby.

However, if there is an issue detected, the base will flash with a red light to alert you. You can also download the Owlet app to get more insight and data on what is actually wrong. To avoid having to purchase the smart sock along with a separate audio/visual monitor, Owlet also offers a bundle that includes both.

Babymoov Duo Meal Station

Feeding time for your baby can be a hassle as well. While you may have gotten through the first few months with ease, it can become a challenge to prepare healthy purees and meals for your baby as they grow. Luckily, with new food prep technology, you can multitask while preparing your baby’s food to create more efficiency in your daily routine.

Babymoove’s 6-in-1 meal station allows you to prepare your child’s food quickly in every stage from newborn to toddler. With the station, you can blend, puree, warm, defrost, steam, and sterilize your baby’s food all in one system.

Because of its multitier capacity on one side and blender capabilities on another, you can prepare multiple meals at once making the feeding process that much easier for you as a new mom.

As an added bonus, it can be used to warm up and sterilize bottles as well. It comes with an LED display and audio capabilities to alert you whenever the food is done, making it perfect for busy moms.

Motherhood will have is challenges but thanks to technology, you can minimize stress by adopting some of these gadgets into your daily routine to help you with your baby.

While sound machines, soothers, monitors, and food prep machines can save you an immense amount of time throughout your day, don’t forget to use that time for yourself, busy mom.

Remember these modern technologies and innovations are here to help you so take that help and free time to care for yourself. Then, find new gadgets and tools to continue to support you on your entrance into motherhood!

Author Bio: Marie Johnson is a contributor to Enlightened Digital, a UX Designer, and a technology writer from New York City. If I’m not writing my latest blog post in my kitchen, you’ll likely find me strolling through Central Park, cappuccino in hand.


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