How to Reset Forgotten Passcode For iPhone


If you’ve ever had the unfortunate situation of forgetting your iPhone’s passcode, there’s a way to get it back. Rather than panicking, however, you should simply leave your iPhone somewhere safe and leave yourself alone to think about it. Sometimes, just leaving the frustration behind will help you release the information you need to recover your iPhone. To do this, hold the iPhone in your hand while standing or sitting somewhere where you know the passcode.

forgotten passcode for iphone

Restoring data from the iCloud backup option

Once you have reset your iPhone to factory settings, the device will ask you to sign into iCloud. If you have an Apple ID, the reset software should send a text message with a password to your other iOS device. Once you have received the text, enter the passcode in the iPhone and press “Restore to Device.” Then, the device will begin restoring its data from the iCloud backup.

The process of restoring from an iCloud backup is relatively easy to complete. You simply need to sign into iCloud and follow the instructions on screen. The time it takes to restore data depends on the size of the iCloud backup and the speed of the Internet. To make the process go faster, it is advisable to use Wi-Fi. Once the restore is complete, you can use your iPhone once again.

Resetting restriction passcode

If your iPhone has been locked for some time, you may be able to unlock it by following the instructions given below. You will have to turn off the Find My feature and the restriction password in order to accomplish this. You may also have to restore an iPhone backup first. To do this, you must be using iOS 13 or later. To factory reset your iPhone, you will need to go to Settings and tap General. Then, select Reset. Once the process is complete, tap the Erase All Settings option.

If you do not remember your restriction passcode, there are three options that you can use to remove it. The first option is to wipe the entire device. If you can’t remember the code, try erasing it using your PC. This method will wipe all data from your phone, but you can recover your files, photos, videos, and other data by entering the new passcode. Restrictions passcode is Apple’s answer to parental controls. It’s a good option for important tasks.

Using iCloud backup to remove restriction passcode

If you’re stuck with a locked iPhone, you can use iCloud backup to reset the restriction passcode. If you’ve already factory reset your iPhone, you can restore it using a backup from iCloud. You can even restore specific data such as messages or contacts. However, it’s crucial that you set a new passcode if you’re going to use Restrictions.

If you’re wondering how to recover the restriction passcode on your iPhone, this method is the easiest way. The first step is to download the iPhone backup extractor software to your computer. You’ll need a license for the software. The software works with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Once you have the license, you can use it to recover restrictions from your iPhone. But make sure that you backup the device before restoring. This way, you won’t have to worry about your children trying to hack the screen time passcode.


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