Research to be made before the Internet of Things Software Development


The Internet revolution has turned the world upside down. Today we are living a comfortable life not only because of communication advancements but also due to the birth of the internet. You can type on the internet to get whatever content one needs. The connectivity of the internet has advanced to the devices; which is the emerging technology today. To provide an easy access over the things from anywhere internet is used. This technology is termed as, ‘Internet Of Things’, that allows a wide range of things to be connected and accessed over the internet with the help of certain advanced technologies. Even the top app making companies are investing in this field to improve the user experience.

IoT Software development Services

IoT software development has a broader scope; right from the transportation to medical industries its involvement in easing the work is tremendous. It is also incorporated in manufacturing, hospitality, hotel management, fleet management and in several more fields.

Development solutions

The solutions provided by IoT are categorized under various types depending upon the requirement and the range it encompasses. Before involving into the IoT software development it is necessary to have a clear picture of the various solutions it provides. IoT solution classifications are listed below,

Embedded software development

Embedded systems like the machines or other devices can be controlled over the internet with the help of cloud systems. For example, consider the smart home system where the appliances at the home controlled with the help of an application in the smartphone. This can be possible only when the devices are IoT enabled.

Firmware development

The firmware category includes the interactive display of the things. Consider a patient monitoring system where the data of the patient are collected with the help of the sensors and streamed over the air for the monitoring purpose by the doctor. This eases the job of the doctor, there won’t be any necessity for him to visit the patient and check all the parameters. All those measuring stuff is done by the sensor and accessed at the other end by the doctor with the aid of IoT. The firmware development usually involves connecting the system through Android.

Navigation Systems

Everyone is keen to find some way to lead their other competitors. In order to prove successful in the business, the customer experience must be enhanced. To make it possible the IoT is combined with a navigation system. It may be outdoor or indoor the navigation system must be enabled to give a user a rich experience.

Consider software to be developed for a hotel, which includes technology to serve food automatically at the respective position of the ordered customer. This requires a deep IoT programming allied with a navigation system to achieve the idea.

Enterprise IoT

Combination of all the software development including, the management system for overall maintenance within IoT boundaries involves the enterprise IoT development.

Industrial IoT

These solutions include the monitor operations, that gather information or data regarding some kind of emergency or abnormality and notifies the user in detail.

Custom IoT

This kind of IoT development includes customization in accordance with the users’ need. The entire system is built from the scratch considering the features desired.

Challenges and solutions

There are various cases where developing certain complex operations using the IoT can be challenging. In the below context the case studies and their solutions are discussed.

  • In building an IoT enabled app for a hotel that includes luxury rooms of various types. A single tablet application must be created which can be used by the customer to access the appliance in a particular room irrespective of the room type. Uncluttered UX with rich user interface was must be created to enjoy the complete ideology in real time.
  • Vending machine with safe user end card readers that do not allow the third party but can be accessed by the owner of the machine to be developed for a famous company. This involves an enterprise IoT development that can manage a fleet of vending machines from one place.

•    A navigation system to deliver food to a customer table in indoor without GPS; this challenge can be overcome with the help of beacon technology. Hence, IoT gives a solid solution for all kind of complex scenarios and ease the work without any inconvenience.


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