A Brief Insight Of A Few Home, Medical and Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatment


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There are many back pain treatments and back-care process that you may follow at home or visit a clinic for medical as well as non-surgical remedies. Back-pain may occur suddenly or be constant, but you will feel excruciating pain even for a short period. Irrespective of the fact that it is a mild or debilitating pain, you must get treatments for it fast. It is, therefore, necessary to get the facts right on the back pain treatments that include exercise, medication and chiropractic care.

Back Pain Treatment

Home and Natural Remedies

For mild pain, you can follow some of these proven and tested methods of back pain treatment. If the pain is in the lower back, you can use any pain relief spray and exercise a bit.

If you or anyone in your home knows the basics of the acupuncture technique, it can also reduce your back-pain by a considerable level. There are certain points at the back that needs to be manipulated for this purpose. In most cases, such alternative treatments such as yoga, acupuncture, and supplements may reduce your back pain.

Different Treatment Options

The different treatment options that you may be suggested by your doctor complaining about your back-pain include:

  • OTC and prescription pain relievers that are easily available
  • Chiropractic care where manipulations to bones, joints, and muscles are done by bare hands
  • Use of TENS and IDET that will send electrical nerve stimulation to the bones and muscles through this electro-thermal therapy
  • Bioelectric therapy where pain messages sent to the brain are blocked
  • Easing out of nerve blocks
  • Spinal stimulation with electrical treatment for and
  • Physical therapy or PT.


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For more severe cases, restoration of function and movement is done by sciatica pain relief method and injections. Laminectomy is one common back surgery performed by doctors. You may also have surgical or nonsurgical spinal decompression therapy for back pain treatment.

Few Non-Surgical Treatments

You may also opt for nonsurgical lower back pain treatment. Use of muscle relaxants is one common process. This medication acts on the central nervous system as a depressant increases the mobility of the tensed muscles. It promotes pain relief from muscle spasms and tightness but is not useful for chronic pains.

  • Narcotic pain medication is another process that is also called painkillers or opioids. These acts on the messages sent to the brain by weakening the signals and changing the perception of pain. This is a process that is effective for short-term intense pain such as an operation.
  • Back braces are also offered to few patients for back pain treatment. This provides comfort and may reduce pain as well. These are also useful after back surgery but must be accompanied with physical therapy exercise. The inelastic corset style brace must be worn daily.
  • Epidural steroid injections are given directly to patients suffering from intense pain. These are injected to the outer part of the Dural-sac that surrounds the spinal cord. Fluoroscopy is used to ensure the needle reaches the right area. It provides temporary relief due to the inflammation of the compressed nerve root.

A Few Alternative Treatments

Alternative or complementary care may also be suggested for the back-pain treatment. These treatment processes are essentially non-medical but are in no way inferior or looked down upon. These are effective in most of the cases. It is only that these treatments are not considered tradition according to the western medical standards.

The common options are manual manipulation by a chiropractor to adjust the spine to improve mobility. It can reduce stiffness, discomfort, and pain.

Acupuncture is another that deals with the body’s “qi,” or the life force. Massage therapy to increase blood flow and Mindful meditation with deep breathing exercises can also reduce back pain.


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