Now Step Out With Confidence during Your Periods with the Everteen Applicator Tampons


The most certain truth of every women’s lives is that they have to fight and face a week of menstruation every month without having any option to prevent that from happening (unless you are pregnant though!).

While women have to survive with this ultimate truth and cannot really help it in any form, the best solution they can have for themselves during this time of the month is to be full of confidence even though they are bleeding for 4-5 days! 

And with Everteen always being high on feminine health and hygiene, they have come up with a wonderful product which is reliable during the periods- the Everteen applicator tampons! You don’t need to worry about the leakages or have to be low on confidence while stepping out of the house during your menstruation. These tampons are fit enough to boost lost confidence in every female.

applicator tampons

How are these tampons helpful for women during their period days?

Many women fear leakages while stepping out of the home during periods. Others feel uneasy and uncomfortable to ride bikes, do cycling, take parts in sports or even getting into the pool during these days! 

While it is totally understandable that there are no such stigmas attached to the fact that women cannot perform such tasks during periods but yet this feeling of discomfort is very personal for every woman which hampers their confidence too! Thus, wearing the applicator tampons during the heavy flow days ensures that you face no leakages or any such discomfort during your periods and can walk around as freely as you want!

Why should women use tampons during their heavy menstruation days?

The benefits of wearing tampons are best understood by women who have used it. For others, the information that it saves you from all the uneasiness of getting wet in your sanitary pads or that it does not let leakages hamper your daily activities can be enough to use them. 

Apart from these benefits using tampons proves to be healthy and hygienic for women in every form. These tampons are chlorine free, easy to wear and very comfortable to stay in; reasons enough to pick them up to comfort you during your menstruation days.

The final take

Everteen has always proved their worth in maintaining the female intimate health and hygiene. From menstrual caps to the applicator tampons they have made products to suit every female and make their hustles a bit more comfortable. The Everteen applicator tampons are not only easy to use but also comes at an affordable price which is surely one of the best reasons why many women prefer it today! 

Also, it is tested in the lab for safety standards and has passed all the quality standard tests to be on your good book for women health and hygiene. Thus, the time to boost your confidence has come with the applicator tampon from Everteen to help you during your menstruation days.


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