Top 10 Part-Time Postgraduate courses available in Singapore


Singapore has a wide range of short-term postgraduate courses to offer adult learners who can acquire emerging skills of the future and upgrade themselves professionally. This is a perfect choice for candidates who want to keep up with their current employment and but you love internationally recognized skills certificates on a part-time basis.

Besides helping students develop industry-friendly skill sets, candidates will also be able to develop a lifelong appreciation for upskilling their candidature. You will be better able to stay motivated to up-skill yourself by understanding the demands of the job on a personal level.

By becoming a competent professional, still, be able to demonstrate your ability to continually improve yourself both professionally and personally. You will also be able to showcase a deeper understanding of the demands of the modern workplace and become a competent faculty with a higher designation by undergoing the practical training offered as part of your curriculum.

Let’s take a look at some of the finest part-time courses in Singapore that you should be aware of!

Postgraduate course

1. Skills certificate

This is a structured modular postgraduate course that allows students to understand the various improvements in the field of technology and engineering to ultimately apply them in real life.

2. Industry skills

This type of postgraduate course offers practical training relevant to various industries including chemical process technology, automotive technology, aerospace, business, retail and Infocomm technology.

3. Advanced skills

These higher-level part-time postgraduate courses welcome aspirants who want to increase their knowledge in various industrial sectors, including engineering, hospitality, accounting, architecture and technology.

4. Train the trainer (TTT)

This course typically focuses on delivering effective access and training learning outcomes that allow students to game supervisory skills to execute the responsibilities of monitoring just as leaders, senior executives and managers do.

5. Workforce skills qualification (WSQ)

This type of part-time postgraduate degree offered in Singapore will primarily allow you to find employment in the food, beverages and logistics division, where do you be able to match skills up to the Singaporean professionals and even enhance them.

6. General education

A certain form of the just-in-time, bit-sized, experienced mobile babe of short-term courses can help adult learners to lift their credentials to the executive level from a senior secondary one.

7. Joint industry certification

These courses cover topics relevant to risk management, fire safety and best management, to help you on an accredited degree and stay competitive in the market.

8. Certificate in Service Leadership

The certificate program in service leadership is designed to develop a leader’s character and credibility, as well as build a culture of service leadership. The program explores the power of perception and experience and emphasizes the importance of leadership in the service of society.

Students gain free access to the Symposium, a series of highly participative live Zoom sessions with Cornell faculty and experts. Symposium events are held multiple times a year and provide a unique opportunity for aspiring leaders to interact with other like-minded individuals and share experiences and strategies.

9. Joint Industry Certification

The aim of this initiative is to give students the global mindset and skills they will need to succeed in today’s highly-competitive world. Through the Joint Industry Certification Programme, ITE is collaborating with industry leaders to develop curriculum and professional certification-roadmap. The program will ensure the relevance of the curriculum and the increased recognition of ITE certification.

10. SkillsFuture Series Certificate of Competency

The SkillsFuture Series is a curated list of industry-relevant short training programmes, each focused on a specific emerging skillset. This accelerated training programme series enables adult learners to acquire industry-relevant skills to remain competitive in today’s retail environment. This certification program provides a range of courses at different levels from beginner to intermediate to advanced, all of which are industry-relevant. By taking the skills-specific course, students will be prepared for career advancement and increased marketability.

SkillsFuture courses are available at local institutions and online. The SkillsFuture Series covers 8 emerging fields, including advanced manufacturing, cybersecurity, data analytics, digital media, entrepreneurship, and cybersecurity. Typically, the courses are one or two days long and focus on a specific industry. The Certificate of Competency is awarded upon successful completion of the course. Once you complete a course, you will receive a SkillsFuture certificate that proves your knowledge in the industry.


As a part-time postgraduate student here in Singapore you will be assessed by rigorous evaluation of business tools and receive knowledge grounded on real-life experience. The updated post-graduate curricular is tailor-made to deliver learning outcomes that are as effective as full-time courses.

Besides being an excellent learning environment and gaining proficiency, the Primary goal is to help produce graduates who can overcome the challenges of the future economy easily. Sign up for the postgraduate programme today and start making bigger contributions to your organisation in no time!